Classix Large Penis Enlargement Pump


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  • Get the size and confidence you've always dreamt about
  • Direct vacuum suction surrounds your entire shaft
  • Super-soft and comfortable silicone sleeve
  • EZ-Grip pump trigger creates blowjob-like suction
  • Rock-hard erections that last and last
  • Clear vacuum tube allows you to watch your cock grow
  • Quick-release button instantly releases vacuum pressure
  • Enhancement ring prolongs ejaculation and maintains erection
  • Easy to use and clean up after use
  • Comes with detailed instructions for best results


The Classix Large Penis Enlargement Pump is designed to give you the size and confidence you've always wanted. With each pull of the EZ-Grip pump trigger, this pump creates blowjob-like suction that increases your size while giving you rock hard erections that last. The super soft silicone sleeve wraps tightly around your shaft to form a perfect seal at the base of your cock that produces maximum results. The clear vacuum tube allows you to watch your cock grow as well as measure your results. You can also slide on the included enhancement ring over your shaft which helps prolong ejaculation and maintain an erection longer. When done using it simply press the quick release button to instantly release the vacuum pressure or follow the easy cleaning instructions provided in order to keep it in top condition for future use. After a few weeks of using my Classix Large Penis Enlargement Pump I was already noticing some impressive results! My partner was amazed at how much bigger my cock had gotten since we started using it together! We both love how tight the silicone sleeve feels around my shaft as I'm pumping away - it's like getting a blowjob every time! And since I'm able to control exactly when I want to release pressure by pressing down on the quick release button I can make sure my erections stay rock hard for as long as we want them too! It's been an amazing experience so far - definitely worth every penny! So I recently got myself a Classix Large Penis Enlargement Pump...and let me tell ya - this thing is no joke! It's like getting a blow job every time I use it - seriously! Plus it's made me way bigger than ever before - my partner can't get enough of it! And if that wasn't enough there's even an enhancement ring included so we can make sure our fun lasts all night long! If you're looking for something that'll really take things up a notch then look no further than this bad boy right here - trust me, you won't regret it!


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