Cuff Him Handcuff Bracelet


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  • Make a statement with this kinky bracelet
  • Handsome stainless steel cuff bracelet
  • Discreet accessory to subtly display your sensuality
  • Quick release latch makes it easy to take off or put on
  • Nickel-free to avoid irritating sensitive skin
  • Measures 8.25 inches (20.96 cm) in total length
  • Sturdy curb link chain suitable for Dom or sub
  • Give as a gift or keep for yourself!
  • Made of durable stainless steel
  • Will not come undone unintentionally.


The Cuff Him Handcuff Bracelet is the perfect way to make a statement about your sensuality without saying a word! Whether you're looking for a like-minded partner or just want the world to know that you're taken, this handsome stainless steel cuff bracelet is the perfect accessory. The quick release latch makes it easy to take off or put on as needed but won't come undone unintentionally. Plus, it's nickel-free so as not to irritate sensitive skin. The sturdy curb link chain is masculine and appropriate for both Doms and subs alike. It measures 8.25 inches (20.96 cm) in total length so it can fit most wrists comfortably. Give it as a gift or keep it for yourself - either way you'll be making an unforgettable statement! When I'm out at the club with my friends I like to wear my Cuff Him Handcuff Bracelet to let everyone know that I'm taken - without having to say anything! It's discreet enough that no one has ever asked me about it directly but they all know what's up when they see me wearing it! Plus, since it's made of stainless steel and nickel free I don't have to worry about any irritation from wearing it all night long! If you're looking for something totally unique that says "I'm taken" without actually saying anything then look no further than the Cuff Him Handcuff Bracelet! This kinky little number is made of durable stainless steel and features a quick release latch so you can take if off whenever you want - but don't worry, it won't come undone accidentally either! Plus its nickel free so no worries about any skin irritation here! Whether you're sending out signals for someone special or just letting the world know that you're locked down - this stylish accessory will do the trick every time!


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