Cum-Fetti with Sperm Shaped Confetti


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  • Easy to use snap in cartridges
  • 12 rounds of sperm shaped confetti
  • Fun way to start any party
  • Perfect for birthdays or special occasions
  • Compact size for easy storage and transport


Get your next party time fun off to a real Howler of a start with the Cum-Fetti with Sperm Shaped Confetti Gun! This fun little gun is easy to load and use, thanks to its snap in cartridges. It comes preloaded with 12 rounds of sperm shaped confetti that will make your party one that won't soon be forgotten. The perfect way to celebrate any occasion - birthdays, anniversaries or just because - this gun is sure to bring plenty of laughs. Its compact size makes it easy to store away when not in use, or take it on the go wherever you may need it. Get ready for some serious fun at your next event - grab your Cum-Fetti with Sperm Shaped Confetti Gun today! Make any birthday celebration extra special by surprising the guest of honor with the Cum-Fetti with Sperm Shaped Confetti Gun! Load up the gun before they arrive so that when they walk in you can give them a blast of sperm shaped confetti as they enter the room. Everyone will love watching their surprise unfold as they are showered in colorful pieces of sperm shaped confetti. And don't forget about all those special moments throughout the night - have everyone gather around as you fire off round after round of cumfettis into the air! Your guests will be talking about this unique experience long after the party has ended. Oh my goodness me - if I could only describe what happened when I got my hands on this amazing product...the Cum-Fettti With Sperm Shaped Confetti Gun was like nothing I'd ever seen before! When I loaded up my first cartridge full of sperm shaped confettis into my new toy I was absolutely blown away by how much fun it was - every single person at my party was laughing out loud as we sprayed each other silly! And let me tell ya - these things really fly far too - so no matter where you point it you're guaranteed a good time! If you're looking for something unique and hilarious then look no further than this incredible product - trust me when I say you won't regret it!


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