Deep Sea Blue Manta Vibrating Stroker


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  • Product: MANTA Vibrating Stroker in Deep Sea Blue
  • Usage: Designed for solo play and couples' enjoyment
  • Power: Rechargeable with a handy charging level indicator
  • Options: 6 speed settings & 6 unique patterns
  • Dimensions: 7 inches (17.78 cm) long and Ø 1.8 inches (4.57 cm)
  • Weight: 0.50 lb (0.23 kg)
  • Battery Life: Between 40 - 120 minutes, depending on usage
  • Charging Time: Approximately 6 - 8 hours
  • Materials: Constructed from non-porous, hypoallergenic, body-safe materials
  • Additional Features: Flexible wings, 3 cm inner diameter, and lube-friendly ridges


Welcome to the high seas of pleasure with the MANTA Vibrating Stroker in Deep Sea Blue. It's more than just a men's toy; it's a veritable treasure chest of sensations waiting to be explored, solo or with a partner. This stroke of genius is rechargeable, waterproof, and made from body-safe materials, which means it's always ready for your next adventure. In the vast ocean of adult toys, the MANTA shines like a beacon. Its powerful motor can turn any man into Poseidon, controlling the waves of pleasure with a simple touch. Slide it over and under the head, along the shaft, or against the base - your MANTA, your rules. This vibrating stroker is your personal submarine, ready to take you to the depths of ecstasy. Here's a fun fact: the MANTA doubles up as a couples' toy. Choose a position that allows you to hold it between you two. When your partner is on top, it's like riding a wave of pure bliss. The vibrations are shared, making every intimate moment a shared experience. What about blowjobs, you ask? Well, get ready for a gust of fresh sea air. The MANTA promises an amazing deep-throat feeling when it circles the base of the penis. Push it back to the base of the shaft, and voila – an extra-sensational blowjob! It's like a gentle sea breeze, but way more exciting. But the magic of MANTA doesn't end there. It's also designed for masturbation. The interior ridges are not just aesthetic; they're functional, retaining lube for an optimum glide. The design helps evenly distribute the lube, ensuring every stroke is just right. Using the MANTA is as easy as catching a wave. The loop handle is easy to hold in any position (even when your hands are slick with lube), and the raised controls make it simple to switch it on or off or change the intensity of the vibrations without interrupting your moment. Are you a fan of strap-on play? Pair the MANTA with a dildo for some additional grinding fun during solo play. And it's not just for penises – the vibrating stroker works great for vulvas too! Position it on its side around the vulva, letting the wings stimulate your labia, or target the clitoris between the wings' tips for a crest of pleasure. In the world of adult toys, the MANTA Vibrating Stroker in Deep Sea Blue is a true catch. Hop on board, and let it take you on a voyage to uncharted territories of pleasure.

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