Entice Feather Nipplettes


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  • Non-piercing Nipple Jewelry
  • Two fully adjustable multi-use clamps
  • Tickling feathers for tons of feathery fun
  • Non-tarnishing and nickel-free iron clamps
  • Phthalate free PVC pads for comfort and safety
  • Customizable tension via twist screws
  • Clamp Measurements: 2.25 x 1.25 inches (5.7 cm x 3.2 cm)
  • Material Type: PVC Plastic & Iron
  • Beautifully crafted for sensual enjoyment
  • Stimulate and excite your lover!


The Entice Feather Nipplettes are designed to tantalize your senses with their soft and comfortable pads that provide the ultimate in comfort and safety. These non-piercing nipple jewelry pieces come with two fully adjustable multi-use clamps that can be used time and again for pure pleasure. And the tickling feathers? Well let's just say they're tons of feathery fun! Use them to tease and entice your lover before adorning your most voluptuous assets. Each clamp also features customizable tension so you can create a more gentle or intense experience as you desire by simply twisting the screws. Crafted from non-tarnishing nickel-free iron clamps combined with phthalate free PVC pads these nipplettes will stimulate and excite your partner like never before! So why wait? Get ready for a delicious bedroom adventure with Entice Feather Nipplettes today! For those looking to spice things up in the bedroom look no further than the Entice Feather Nipplettes! These designer feather nipple clamps are perfect for adding some extra excitement during foreplay or even during sex itself! Simply attach them to your nipples using the adjustable multi-use clamps then enjoy as they tickle you into submission while providing maximum comfort thanks to their soft padded design. You can even customize the tension by twisting the screws depending on how gentle or intense you want it to be! So why not give yourself an unforgettable experience tonight? I recently tried out these amazing Entice Feather Nipplettes and let me tell ya - they're totally worth it!! They come with two fully adjustable multi use clamps that make it easy to put on - plus they have these little feathers that tickle my nipples just right!! Plus they're made from non tarnishing nickel free iron so I know I'm safe when I'm using them - which is really important!! And if that wasn't enough - you can adjust how tight or loose they are by twisting the screws - so you can get just the right amount of pleasure!! All in all - these are definitely worth checking out if you're looking for something new in bed!

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