Ergonomic Deluxe Wand Saddle Pillow


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  • Dimensions: Length: 20 inches (50.8 cm). Width: 11.5 inches (29.21 cm). Height: 8 inches (20.32 cm).
  • Wand pocket depth: 7 inches (17.78 cm) with 2 inches (5.08 cm) in diameter for both top and bottom openings.
  • Material composition: High-quality foam, resilient polyester, and durable nylon.
  • Rich and sensual red color.
  • High-density foam ensures optimal body support and comfort.
  • Dual-layer covers: External layer is skin-friendly; internal layer is water-resistant.
  • Both covers are easily machine washable for fuss-free maintenance.
  • Toy pocket designed to fit most dildos, vibrators, and wands.
  • Ergonomically structured for multiple position possibilities.
  • Designed for both solo and partner play, amplifying pleasure experiences.
  • Wand Not Included


Welcome to the realm of pleasure, comfort, and... comedy? Yep, you read that right. The Ergonomic Deluxe Wand Saddle Pillow is not only about making you feel good but also ensuring you have a bit of a giggle along the way. Let's embark on a little adventure, shall we? Picture this: It's Friday night. Your favorite song is playing softly in the background, the lights are dimmed, and the mood is just right. There you are, looking around your room, trying to find the perfect setup for a night of pure self-indulgence. You spot the "Deluxe Wand Saddle Pillow" casually lounging on your bed. You think, “Is that a riding saddle or a new-age meditation pillow?€ Nope, it's better. It's the Swiss army knife of pleasure props. This ergonomically designed high-density foam pillow is ready to support you in all the right places, ensuring you ride the waves of pleasure with ease and comfort. The 7-inch deep, open-ended pocket welcomes almost any wand vibrator with open arms. "Come hither," it seems to whisper seductively to your trusty toys. The soft outer cover feels like a gentle caress, while the water-resistant inner cover stands guard, ready to repel any accidental splashes or spills. "Bring it on!" it seems to challenge any stray droplets. And when the playtime's done, simply toss them in the wash. Voilà! Fresh and ready for another round. But, let's not keep this all to ourselves. This little magic pillow is more than happy to play third wheel. Introduce your partner to this game, and they'll find an angle that's just right, hitting those sweet spots while you ride your favorite toy. It's a win-win. The saddle doesn't discriminate; flip, turn, twist - it's ready to support any of your adventurous antics. Usage Suggestions: Place the saddle on firmer surfaces if you want it to be the rock in your sea of passion. But if your knees remind you of all the squats you skipped at the gym, maybe opt for a softer landing. Once your toy of choice is nestled snugly in the pocket, slide, grind, and find your rhythm. Solo or duo, the Ergonomic Deluxe Wand Saddle Pillow promises a wild ride. Just remember, it's all about having fun, so saddle up, chuckle a bit, and let the good vibes roll!

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