Erotic Suction Cupping Set


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  • Includes 6 Suction Cups
  • 3 Different Size Suction Cups
  • Includes Suction Pump
  • Includes Satin Mask
  • Trigger Style Pump
  • Easy 1 Handed Pumping
  • Check Valve on Cups to Hold Suction
  • Pressure Release Valve for Easy Removal
  • Easy to Use for All Skill Levels


The Erotic Suction Cupping Set includes a set of six clear suction cups, 3 different sizes, 2 of each size. It also includes a trigger style suction pump that allows you to easily create suction with one hand. Once the desired amount of suction is applied, the hose can be removed from the suction cup. A check valve in the cup allows it to hold suction until you press the pressure release valve. It is easy to use and is a great set for all skill levels, beginner to professional. A satin eye mask blindfold is also included and is a great addition as a little sensory deprivation goes a long way when cupping.


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