Expandable Spreader Bar Set


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  • Adjustable length between 24-36 inches
  • Detachable leatherette cuffs with quick-release clips
  • Rotatable O-rings for total flexibility
  • Breaks down into three pieces for easy storage


The Expandable Spreader Bar Set is the perfect accessory for exploring kinky BDSM play. With adjustable length between 24-36 inches, you can easily and comfortably spread your partner's legs as far apart as you need for teasing and pleasing. The detachable leatherette cuffs feature quick-release clips and strong D-rings for a sturdy restraint. The bar also has rotatable O-rings that provide total flexibility. This discreet couples' accessory breaks down into three pieces to make it quick and easy to store and pack up for a seductive vacation. With the Expandable Spreader Bar Set, you can easily explore new and exciting BDSM play. Start by adjusting the bar's length to fit your partner, then attach the leatherette cuffs to their wrists or ankles using the quick-release clips. Use the rotatable O-rings to adjust the bar to the desired angle, then spread your partner's legs as far apart as you need. Enjoy teasing and pleasing them while they're securely restrained! When you're done, simply detach the cuffs and break down the bar into three pieces for easy storage.


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