Fat Boy Original Ultra Fat Sheath


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  • 7” long sheath adds an impressive 1” girth
  • The scrotum loop gives a pleasurable tug while stroking or penetrating
  • Ultra-real feel for intense, eye-rolling pleasure
  • Men’s Health named The Fat Boy one of the best sex toys of 2017
  • Women go crazy for the orgasm-triggering stimulation from the added girth
  • Men dig the stroker action
  • Use it as a masturbator or during anal sex
  • Made of SilaSkin, a TPR/Silicone combo material used in production by Perfect Fit
  • To calculate your ideal size measure top of penis from base to tip while erect
  • This product is not a contraceptive or substitute for a condom; not compatible with latex products


Get ready to experience intense pleasure with the new and improved Fat Boy Original Ultra Fat Sheath! This 7 inch sheath adds an impressive 1 inch girth to your cock and is made of super soft and stretchy SilaSkin. It's designed and proven to give both partners incredible satisfaction. The closed tip ensures that it stays in place while you enjoy its ultra-real feel. Plus, there's a thick loop that wraps around the base of your scrotum giving you a pleasurable tug during penetration or stroking. Whether you're using it alone or with a partner this bad boy will have you writhing with pleasure. Women love it too as it provides orgasm-triggering stimulation from its added girth. Men's Health even named The Fat Boy one of the best sex toys of 2017 so you know you can trust its quality! To get your ideal size simply measure the top of your penis from base to tip while erect and slip on this bad boy for some serious fun. Just remember that this product is not a contraceptive or substitute for a condom so please store separately from latex products. When I first got my hands on the Fat Boy Original Ultra Fat Sheath I was amazed at how comfortable it felt when I put it on. It was surprisingly easy to get on and off but stayed in place thanks to its closed tip and thick loop around my scrotum which gave me an incredible tugging sensation during penetration or stroking that had me writhing with pleasure. My partner was equally impressed when they saw me wearing it as they loved how much bigger I looked with all that extra girth! We both had some serious fun exploring all sorts of new positions together as we experienced intense orgasms like never before thanks to this amazing toy! So I got myself this awesome new toy called the "Fat Boy Original Ultra Fat Sheath" - talk about living up to its name! Not only does this thing add an impressive 1 inch girth but also comes with an extra loop around my balls which gives me some seriously pleasurable tugs during penetration or stroking - talk about mind blowing orgasms! And let me tell ya ladies - if you want something special then this is definitely what you need because believe me when I say that your man will look bigger than ever before ;) Trust me - once he slips this bad boy on he won't be able take his eyes off himself in the mirror haha! All jokes aside though - if you're looking for something special then definitely check out this amazing toy because it'll definitely make things more interesting ;)


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