Gates of Hell Snakecharmer Cage with D-Ring


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  • Graduated metal restriction rings
  • Metal pull-ring for leashing
  • Real leather strap that stretches over time
  • Nickel-free metal snaps
  • 5 inner diameters ranging from 1.25 to 2 inches
  • 4.75 inch strap length
  • Body-safe materials


The Gates of Hell Snakecharmer Cage with D-Ring is an edgy and unforgettable cock ring for those who are comfortable with wearing them. The graduated metal rings create a reinforced spine effect on your erect cock while providing constriction through each individual ring. The largest ring slips over the shaft and both balls creating a firm and snug constriction ring around the shaft while the rest circle around the shaft in slightly smaller sizes. The end D-ring allows for easy attachment of a leash or other BDSM accessories for those who like to be led around by their genitals. The real leather strap is adjustable as it stretches slightly over time providing a custom fit that you can't resist. This product features nickel-free metal snaps that are body-safe along with real top-grain leather that is durable and long-lasting. To clean this item use mild soap and water or use a toy cleaner followed by conditioning when needed. John put on his Gates of Hell Snakecharmer Cage with D-Ring before playtime began. He enjoyed the feeling of each metal ring squeezing and restricting his erect cock. His partner, Lisa, loved that she could easily attach a leash to the D-ring and lead him around while the cock ring kept him hard and sensitive. I don't think I'll ever go back to regular cock rings after experiencing the Gates of Hell Snakecharmer Cage with D-Ring. The graduated metal rings provided an intense sensation while each restriction ring kept me hard as a rock. The real leather strap was easy to adjust and felt great against my skin. Plus, the D-ring added an extra level of kink that I never knew I needed. Highly recommend for those looking for something edgy and unforgettable. - Dave


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