Anal Beads Guide

Anal beads are the most popular anal sex toy for beginners. They are a great introduction to the pleasures of anal sex.

What Are Anal Beads?

Anal beads consist of many spheres or balls that are connected by a piece of nylon or some other strong material that holds them together.

They are normally made from silicone, rubber or jelly, but can be also made from steel or some other material. They range from flexible, and soft to the touch, to other that are rigid and more textured, so everyone can choose depending on their preference.

The balls or spheres start small and advance in size as you go.

Some anal beads have a handle attached at the end, so they are easier to pull out, while others don't have this feature. A handle makes the beads much safer, because it provides that they cannot get stuck in the anus.

Choosing Your Anal Beads

For Beginners

If you have never used anal beads before, the best choice are very soft and flexible beads which make it easier for you to explore different angles and find what position and amount of pressure suits you best.

A word of caution: make sure that you choose appropriate beads with small balls or spheres. Should you overreact with the size you might find the experience uncomfortable.

For Those Experienced

If you are more experienced in the anal play, you might want to try larger beads or beads of different shapes which make the turning, while the beads are inserted, an exhilarating experience.

Another possible choice are heavier beads that produce an additional pull on your body.

And finally, there are vibrating anal beads that are perfect for extreme anal enthusiasts. Those who use them say that the feeling and thrill cannot compare to any other.

How to Use Anal Beads

1. Lubrication

As with any anal sexual activity a large amount of lubricant is the key. Contrary to what most people think, saliva won't do the trick.

Anus is not self-lubricating that is why it is advised to use anal lube- a lubricant designed especially for anal use. The main feature of anal lubricant is extra thickness and texture. Anal lube can be water or silicon based, and you can also choose among different flavors.

2. Inserting the Anal Beads

It is very important that you don't rush or you can injure the very delicate anal tissue. You can start with applying the lubricant to the beads and stimulating the anal area. Then you can slowly start inserting the beads one by one.

The penetration should be gentle in the beginning, so you can get used to the feeling. Also try different angles, change the amount of pressure and get to know what suits your best.

3. Pulling Anal Beads Out

Once you have inserted the beads slowly start pulling them out. This is where the real thrill of anal beads begins.

If you pull the beads out just before you reach the climax, it will intensify your orgasm and bring you to an unimaginable high.

Be careful: you still have to go slowly while pulling the beads out, or you could damage the tissue.

Anal beads are perfect for those taking their first steps into the wonderful world of anal pleasure, but also those more demanding can find them exhilarating and satisfying.