Anal Sex For Beginners

So you have decided to buy your first anal sex toy and venture into the world of anal sex! Congratulations!

Although completely undeserved, anal sex is still a huge taboo, and there are many misconceptions regarding it. But we are here to unveil the mystery that surrounds it. Many people are hesitant to give anal sex a try, because they think it hurts. And here is the first rule: it should never hurt!

Anus is not self-lubricating and that's why lubricant is your best friend when it comes to anal sex. For your first anal experience you want to use an anal lube and not a regular one. Anal lubes are extra thick, because anus requires more lubrication than the vaginal area.

You can choose from many different silicon (Anal Premium 8 Oz, Backdoor Glide 100 ml, Glide) or water ( Astroglide, Moist Anal Lube) based lubricants, depending on your preference. Some lubricants, such as China Anal Balm Cream or Rear Entry, also have a slightly anesthetic effect, numbing the anal area before penetration.

Choosing Your Anal Sex Toy

Once you have chosen your lubricant it is time so start looking for anal sex toys. At this point we should be aware of another rule: go slowly and gradually! Do not purchase the largest dildo, butt plug or anal vibrator available. Here are two popular choices for beginners:

Anal beads

Anal beads are the perfect way to start you anal experience. They consist of multiple connected spheres or balls. They can be made from vinyl, silicone, rubber or jelly and can range from very soft to rigid.

How to use anal beads?

Beads are very easy to use. Simply apply lubricant to the beads and to your anal area, and gradually start inserting the beads one by one. The first few beads are always small, allowing you to begin the anal stimulation gently, with light penetration. Perhaps it is better not to insert all of them the first time, but you will soon discover that the most enjoyable moment comes when you start pulling them out. If you pull the beads out at the point of orgasm it will intensify it and and open the door to a new kind of pleasure.

What kind of anal beads to choose?

For beginners we would recommend something like Graduating Anal Love Beads. They are soft, very flexible and slide in effortlessly which makes them the most suitable for first explorations of anal pleasure.

Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are one of the most popular anal sex toys and there is such a wide range of them that beginners and those more experienced can find one for themselves.

A butt plug looks something like a dildo, but is thinner on top and has a flared end, so that it cannot get stuck inside. They are made of silicone, glass or metal and are designed especially for anal use, namely to stimulate countless nerve endings in the anal area. Because the anatomy of the anal area is very similar in men and women, butt plugs can be enjoyed by both sexes. It is used during sex, masturbation and some people even wear them throughout the day.

How to choose a butt plug?

To begin with you will want to choose a slightly slimmer butt plug, to get used to the sensation. Anal Dilator Kit by Dr Joel Kaplan is perfect for those new to anal stimulation. It features butt plugs in three different sizes from small, medium to large and they are ideal for beginning your anal experience.

How to use a butt plug?

You should start by applying plenty of anal lube on the plug as well as on your anal area. Start gently inserting the plug. Most plugs are wider in the middle, so don't rush when you get to this point, taking your time is very important. Once you push the whole plug in it might take some time to get used to the sensation. After that, there's nothing more to do than - enjoy! You can move the plug in and out, to experience all kinds of different stimulation and if you pull the plug out just as you are reaching an orgasm, it will severely intensify it.

After you have mastered the smaller plugs it is perhaps time to try bigger ones or even vibrating plugs. They will further deepen the stimulation and broaden your anal experience. So, just pick a product from Passionshop and dive into your first anal experiences