EStim Toys Guide

EStim or electrostimulation is the choice of many who wish to spice their sex lives. Once you take a dive into this wonderful world of stimulation, you have plenty of different sex toys to choose among.

What Are Electrosex or Estim Toys Made Of?

Estim toys are made of stainless steel, acrylic or conductive silicone. The most important property of electrosex toys is their conductivity.

They have a very futuristic look. The electrosex dildos for example, will never resemble a real life penis. That doesn't mean they're not just as enjoyable if not more.

EStim Toys


Electrodes are the most basic, but also the most affordable type of attachment available for electrostimulation.

They may look pretty plain and boring, however they are the best way to get to know the pleasures of electro arousal. Just place them on different erogenous zones and give in to the sensation.


You can find various dildos for electrostimulation. You can use them vaginally as well as anally and you don't have to insert them all the way to feel the electrifying sensation.

If you are more demanding you can get dildos that are shaped as beads or take an oval form. Whichever shape you choose it will surely bring you endless pleasure.

Be careful: most dildos do not have a flared end, so make sure you don't insert it too deep and have a firm grip on it, so it cannot slip.

Butt Plugs

The same as ordinary butt plugs these are normally diamond-shaped and have a flared end. You can turn it on while inserting it or you can do so after insertion.

The plug is meant to stay there throughout the sexual activity.

Particularly men can benefit from this because the butt plug stimulates the prostate and enables mind-popping orgasms.

Women will also find it beneficial. It sends pulses to numerous nerve endings in the anus contributing to an unforgettable experience.


The good thing about probes is that they can be used anally as well as vaginally.

They take different shapes, from pill to bulb-like. They are rather small compared to some other EStim attachments, but can with proper use turn into an orgasmic weapon.

Some probes are a bit tricky, as they have to be inserted just the right amount to achieve full effect. You also have to make sure they don't slip inside. That is why this attachment may require some practice.

Cock Rings

Electrostimulating cock rings are one of the best EStim devices. They can be monopolar or bipolar. In this case monopolar rings are a very good choice because two rings must be used and the current will flow through you entire penis.

You can also combine these with electrostimulation of the scrotum and a shocking climax is guaranteed.


Wands are intended for the stimulation of the skin. They should be placed on the genital or some other body area.

They are the perfect way to explore your and your partner's hot zones. If you employ a little bit of imagination your vibrating wand can turn into a magic one.

Monopolar or Bipolar EStim Toys?

The current must always flow between two places on the body. Your body is an outlet for the electricity which would otherwise just run in circles. Electrosex toys use two types of output: monopolar (unipolar) or bipolar.

Monopolar Toys

When using a monopolar device the current flows mostly in one direction, so it will be felt more where it enters the body. When using a monopolar sex toy you have to pair it with another monopolar electrode.

Bipolar Toys

A bipolar sex toy has two conductive surfaces built-in, so it can work on its own. With a bipolar device the current will be felt more equally on entrance and exit points.

Hopefully you now have some insight into the versatile world of EStim toys. Something can be found for every taste, so don't hesitate to get wired and start this electrifying journey.