Nipple Toys Guide

Nipples can be very sensitive and are an important erogenous zone for most women and men. That is why there is a big selection of different nipple toys available. Most toys are suitable for beginners so you shouldn't be scared when choosing one (either it is a classic nipple clamp or a wireless multi-function nipple stimulator).

We categorized them in three groups but of course you can find toys that combine features from different groups and others such as nipple weights.

Nipple pumps and suckers

Make your nipples larger and arouse them at the same time. Nipple pumps and suckers will make your nipples bigger so you can play with them solo or with your partner. They can bring out your nipples and make them perky. Some of them even have bands that slip over the nipple to keep them erect making your nipples look great even for a night out on the town. They are often reffered to as nipple wraps or nipple erection rings.

Pumps and suckers feel just like mouth and lips on your nipples. Toys come in all sizes from Mini Nipple Suckers to larger Breast Pumps. Suitable for beginners and experienced sex toy lovers.

Nipple clamps

Nipple clamps are one of the most popular toys out there. We offer a wide variety of different nipple clamps. The simple tweezer-style nipple clamps use small ring wraps around two pieces of metal. By moving the ring you can adjust the tension.

The closer the ring wrap is to the nipple, the tighter the clamp. Of course you can choose toys that offer more than just squeezing like Vibrating Nipple Clamps or Pulsating Nipple Clamps.

Breast stimulators and massagers

Maybe you or your partner would like something more than just sucking and squeezing. There are different nipple and breast toys available that can tickle, massage or vibrate.

Many of them come with a remote controller and are multi-functional. These wire-free, hands-free toys are becoming increasingly popular. If you are very daring choose an ultra quiet wireless toy and try it out in public.

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