Hot Pinks Curved Jack


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  • Soft and pliable PVC dildo
  • Multi-speed vibration
  • 6.25 inches in length
  • Glittery finish
  • Compatible with water based lube
  • Powered by 2 AA batteries
  • Realistic lovemaking or foreplay experience
  • Lightweight design for portability
  • Easy to store anywhere in the bedroom
  • High levels of hygiene maintained with cleaning before and after use.


The Hot Pinks Curved Jack is the perfect pleasure tool for any woman looking to add some extra fun to her bedroom activities. This stylish sex toy comes complete with multi-speed vibration that will take you all the way to the top! It measures 6.25 inches in length which offers maximum reach plus intense stimulation from start to finish. The curvy design of this vibrator provides a lifelike feel that incorporates all the natural features such as grooves, ridges and form of the real thing. The glittery finish makes it a stylish accessory that can be stored anywhere in the bedroom while its lightweight design allows it to be taken on those passionate nights away. It's powered by two AA batteries and compatible with water based lube so you can enjoy maximum pleasure anytime you want it! Cleaning before and after use will help maintain high levels of hygiene so you can keep your new best friend safe and sound for years to come. When I'm feeling naughty I like to bring out my Hot Pinks Curved Jack for some extra fun! This sleek sex toy has been my go-to for years now because it offers intense stimulation from start to finish thanks to its multi-speed vibration settings. Not only does it provide me with an incredibly realistic experience but its glittery finish makes it look great too! Plus I love how lightweight it is - I can easily slip it into my purse or suitcase when I'm going away for the night so I never miss out on any pleasure! And since it's compatible with water based lube, I can always make sure that everything runs smoothly during my intimate moments! If you're looking for something special in your bedroom then look no further than this amazing Hot Pinks Curved Jack! This sexy sex toy is perfect for adding some extra fun into your life - not only does it offer intense stimulation but its glittery finish makes it look super cute too! Plus its lightweight design means you can take it wherever you go - so if you're planning a romantic getaway then don't forget your trusty friend here! And since its compatible with water based lube there's no need to worry about anything getting sticky - just enjoy yourself and let this little guy do all the work!

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