Kegel Training 2-Piece Set


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  • 2-piece set for pelvic floor training
  • Includes 25 g and 45 g gradually weighted exercisers
  • Gently tones and strengthens pelvic muscles
  • Reduces the risk of pelvic floor disorders and incontinence
  • Enhances sexual arousal and pleasure
  • Extended retrieval cord for easy and gentle removal
  • Made from hygienically superior silicone
  • Body-safe material, unscented, and phthalate-free
  • Color: Pink
  • 1-year warranty for peace of mind
  • Measurements: 3.25in x 1.25in / 8.25cm x 3.25cm (Advanced), 7.25in x 1.25in / 18.5cm x 3.25cm (Overall), 1.5in x 1.25in / 3.75cm x 3.25cm (Starter)


Discover the power of a strong and toned pelvic floor with the CalExotics Kegel Training 2-Piece Set. Designed to tighten and tone your pelvic floor muscles, this set includes two gradually weighted exercisers that will gently increase exercise intensity and sexual pleasure. With just 5 minutes of training per day, you can give your pelvic floor the workout it craves and experience the benefits in both your health and pleasure. The Kegel Training 2-Piece Set is ideal for beginners and those looking to enhance their pelvic floor strength. The set includes two weights: a 25 g and a 45 g exerciser. Start with the lighter weight and gradually progress to the heavier one as your muscles become stronger. The included full workout routine will guide you through a series of exercises to maximize your results. By incorporating these kegel weights into your routine, you can not only strengthen your pelvic floor muscles but also increase your sexual arousal and pleasure. As you work those key love muscles, you reduce the risk of pelvic floor disorders and incontinence, allowing you to enjoy a healthier and more confident lifestyle. The exercisers are made from hygienically superior silicone, ensuring they are body-safe, unscented, and phthalate-free. The smooth and velvety texture provides comfort during use, while the extended retrieval cord makes removal quick, easy, and gentle. To use the Kegel Training 2-Piece Set, simply insert the exerciser of your choice into the vagina and contract your pelvic floor muscles around it. The weights will add resistance, challenging your muscles and promoting strength and tone. Follow the provided workout routine to target specific muscle groups and track your progress. In addition to the physical benefits, kegel exercises can also enhance sexual pleasure for both you and your partner. As your pelvic floor muscles become stronger and more responsive, you may experience increased sensitivity and more intense orgasms. The Kegel Training 2-Piece Set comes in a lovely pink color, adding a touch of femininity and fun to your training sessions. It is also waterproof, allowing you to incorporate your workouts into your bath or shower routine. Invest in your pelvic floor health and pleasure with the CalExotics Kegel Training 2-Piece Set. Strengthen, tone, and enjoy the benefits of a strong pelvic floor. Order yours today and embark on a journey to improved confidence, enhanced pleasure, and overall well-being.


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