Large Glass Slipper Cinderella Costume


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  • Components: Set includes boned crop top, garter panty, ribbon choker, and matching hair band
  • Fairy Tale Aura: Embody storybook elegance with this intricately designed costume
  • Size: Large (Dress Size 12-14)
  • Measurements: Bust: 39-40.5 inches (99.06-102.87 cm), Waist: 30.5-32 inches (77.47-81.28 cm), Hip: 40.5-42 inches (102.87-106.68 cm)
  • Events: Best suited for Halloween, themed celebrations, or any magical rendezvous
  • Sparkle Factor: Featuring shimmer fabric and glitter accents for that princess glow
  • Group Possibilities: Round up the royal squad for an unforgettable group-themed bash
  • Care Directions: Hand wash in cold water, keep bleach away, let it air dry, and remember, irons and princesses don't mix!
  • Accessories: Enhance the allure with thigh highs (Glass slippers are on your fairy godmother)
  • Material: Crafted from high-quality materials ensuring comfort and grandeur


Once upon a time, in a land filled with sequins, shimmers, and occasional wardrobe malfunctions, a stunning creation was birthed by Leg Avenue - the Large Glass Slipper Cinderella Costume. This isn't your run-of-the-mill princess outfit; it's the star of the fairy tale couture. Now, if you're imagining wearing a flimsy piece of fabric and praying for no sudden breezes, allow us to correct that visual. Instead, picture yourself, glowing, radiant, and decked out in a dress so exquisite even the fairy godmother would have a touch of the green-eyed monster. That's right, jealousy. Because let's be real, who wouldn't be envious of a dame rocking such an impeccable ensemble? This costume takes the essence of Cinderella and sprinkles it with a generous dash of modern charm. The boned sweetheart crop top says, "I'm regal," while the shimmer sheer skirt whispers, "But I also know how to party." And that ribbon choker? It's the cherry on top of this fairy tale sundae. Got a clock that's about to strike midnight? No worries. While Cinderella of old might've had to dash, you, my friend, will be partying well into the wee hours of the morning. After all, who needs a prince when you've got a costume this spectacular? But if one does come along, well, bonus! Speaking of bonus, we've heard the bigger the squad, the better the soirée. So, why not pair up with other princess enthusiasts for a group ensemble that's sure to go down in fairy tale history? In terms of maintenance (because every princess needs to know how to care for her garments), this dress is as low maintenance as they come. A simple hand wash, a bit of air drying, and you're set for another night of enchantment. In conclusion, whether you're attending a ball, a Halloween bash, or just prancing around your living room (hey, we don't judge), the Large Glass Slipper Cinderella Costume by Leg Avenue is your ticket to feeling fabulous. So, slip into this ensemble, let your inner princess shine, and remember: life may not always be a fairy tale, but with the right outfit, it sure can feel like one.


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