Large Lethal Ninja Costume


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  • Includes a strappy wrap around bra top with attached mesh gloved shrug
  • Features V-cut bottoms for a bold style statement
  • Package comes with matching leg wraps, face mask, and hair ties
  • Perfect for group themes, can be paired with other ninja costumes
  • Ideal for Halloween parties and adventure-themed events
  • Easy care instructions: Hand wash cold, drip dry, do not bleach, do not iron
  • Note: Weapons not included in the package
  • Large size fits dress sizes 12-14; Measurements: Bust: 39-40.5 inches (99.1-102.9 cm), Waist: 30.5-32 inches (77.5-81.3 cm), Hip: 40.5-42 inches (102.9-106.7 cm), Inseam: 28.5 inches (72.4 cm)


Ever wished to slip into the shadows and emerge as a stealthy figure of intrigue? The Large Lethal Ninja Costume by Leg Avenue is the perfect ensemble to bring that fantasy to life. Designed for those who dare to be different, this ninja costume will transform you into the night warrior you've always wanted to be. This 5-piece outfit is a carefully crafted blend of daring and deadly, designed to highlight your natural curves and let your confidence shine through. The strappy wrap-around bra top is the piece de resistance of this ensemble, complete with an attached mesh gloved shrug that brings a dash of mysterious allure to your look. The matching V-cut bottoms are the cherry on top, creating a cohesive look that is as stylish as it is sexy. But, of course, the devil is in the details. Along with this daring duo, the costume also includes matching leg wraps, a face mask, and hair ties. These subtle additions add a touch of authenticity to your outfit, ensuring that you feel as much of a ninja as you look. This costume is also designed with group themes in mind. It pairs beautifully with other ninja costumes, making it an ideal choice for deadly and stylish group costumes. Together, you and your crew will surely steal the spotlight, one stealthy step at a time. When it comes to maintenance, ninjas believe in simplicity. Hence, this outfit only requires a hand wash in cold water, a good drip dry, and voila, it's ready for your next adventure. Bleach and iron are as welcome as a loud ninja - they're not! The Large Lethal Ninja Costume is designed to fit dress sizes 12-14, with measurements as follows: Bust: 39-40.5 inches (99.1-102.9 cm), Waist: 30.5-32 inches (77.5-81.3 cm), Hips: 40.5-42 inches (102.9-106.7 cm), and Inseam: 28.5 inches (72.4 cm). So, whether you're planning to wow at a Halloween party, or you simply want to bring a touch of daring to your everyday life, the Large Lethal Ninja Costume by Leg Avenue is the ideal pick. Embrace the thrill of the shadows, and let your inner ninja shine. Who knows? You might just find that being a ninja is your true calling. After all, why be normal when you can be ninja?


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