Lelo Beads Classic Weighted Vaginal Beads


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  • Strength Training: Provides a variety of weight combinations for effective strength training
  • Enhanced Sensations: Promotes muscle tightening and toning, enhancing sensations during intimacy
  • Varied Weights: Offers three different bead options—Classic, Mini, and Plus—for a tailored exercise routine
  • Improved Orgasms: Aids in achieving longer, stronger, and more regular orgasms
  • Body-Safe: Certified body-safe with a premium, extra-soft silicone design


The Lelo Beads Classic are expertly designed weighted vaginal beads that help you train your body for multiple orgasms and increased pleasure during intimacy. These innovative beads promote effective Kegel exercises, strengthening the vaginal wall and pelvic floor muscles in a comfortable, convenient, and discreet manner. Instead of traditional workout routines, Lelo Beads Classic stimulate tingly sensations through movement, prompting pelvic floor muscle reaction for maximum results with minimum effort. This approach enhances sensations during intimacy, resulting in more intense pleasure for both partners. Depending on your fitness level, you can choose from three different Lelo Beads—Classic, Mini, or Plus—for a tailored routine. Each set of beads is designed to help you achieve longer, stronger orgasms and reveal the pleasures of body care. The Lelo Beads Classic are made from body-safe ABS and extra-soft silicone that feels warm to the touch. To use, simply apply LELO Personal Moisturizer onto the leading edge of the beads, start with one bead, and gradually add more for increased resistance. Whether you're lying on your back or standing with one knee up, introduce the leading end into your vagina with a firm but gentle push. Make yourself comfortable and explore different motions to discover what brings the greatest pleasure. The Lelo Beads Classic set includes four Classic beads, a harness, a satin storage pouch, a warranty registration card, and a detailed instruction manual. Enjoy improved bladder control, heightened intimacy, and a more satisfying sexual experience with the Lelo Beads Classic. Experience the benefits of Kegel exercises in a pleasurable and intimate way.


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