Masters St. Andrew's Cross


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  • Padded cushions for comfort
  • Wall-mount design won't take up floor space
  • Multiple attachment points for your favorite accessories
  • Optimize your kinky play with this wall-mounted St. Andrew's Cross!
  • Assembled: 72 inches Length x 37.5 inches Width.
  • Arm & leg pads: 29 inches Length x 6.5 inches Width.
  • Torso pad: 19 inches Length x 15.5 inches Width.
  • Materials: PVC, iron, wood, PU.
  • Color: Black.
  • Screwdriver and 20 bolts are included.


Masters St. Andrew's Cross is the perfect way to optimize your kinky play! This wall-mounted cross lays flat against the wall so you have more floor space in smaller rooms or dual use spaces such as bedrooms where you can hide a cross behind a curtain or dresser when not in use. The cross comes in 5 separate pieces and is shipped in a flat package discreetly to your address! Assemble it with the help of a drill and stud finder and place the 5 pieces exactly at the height that you prefer for easy and ergonomic scenes. The ultra plush pads are covered in PVC faux leather which makes them extra comfortable and easy to clean with a toy cleaner or isopropyl alcohol spray. Along the sides of each leg and arm pad are attachment points where you can attach wrist and ankle cuffs, rope, or other kink accessories! Get your submissive to stand upright for impact play whenever you like with this easy to install, easy to hide and compact St. Andrew's Cross! After mounting securely to the wall of your choice grab your favorite toys and kinky implements nearby then attach their wrists and ankles to the cross before using nipple clamps, floggers, whips, rope or gags on them during scenes from mild bondage all the way up to intense BDSM activities! When done give them some aftercare before taking them off of the cross onto bed or chair for some snuggles afterwards! Once you have mounted Masters St. Andrew's Cross securely on the wall of your choice it is time to start playing! Grab some wrist cuffs along with floggers or whips nearby then attach their wrists onto either side of the arms pads while having them face forward or facing away from you depending on what kind of scene you want to do today - mild bondage up until intense BDSM activities are possible here! As they stand there feeling vulnerable but safe at the same time feel free to use nipple clamps or gags if desired then use floggers or whips on them as they rest comfortably against their plush pads - no need for extra padding here since these are already extra padded for serious comfort! When done give them some aftercare before taking them off of the cross onto bed or chair for some snuggles afterwards - enjoy every moment together as much as possible knowing that Masters St. Andrew's Cross has made it easier than ever before thanks its compact design that doesn't take up too much space yet still allows endless possibilities when it comes down to playing together safely and comfortably! I got my hands on one of these bad boys recently - Masters St. Andrew's Cross - because I was looking for something compact yet still able to handle my wildest fantasies when it comes down to kink play sessions with my partner(s). And let me tell ya...this thing does not disappoint!! It mounts easily onto any wall with just a few screws (included) so setup was super simple even though I'm not exactly handy around home improvement stuff usually haha...but yeah once it was mounted we were ready for action!! We attached our wrist cuffs onto either side of its arm pads then used nipple clamps followed by floggers/whips on each other while standing upright against its ultra plush cushions - talk about serious comfort!! Then we finished off our session by giving each other some aftercare before taking off our restraints then heading over towards our bed/couch/chair whatever we felt like laying down on at that moment haha...all I can say is that if you're looking for something compact yet still able to handle all sorts of wild fantasies then look no further than Masters St Andrews' Cross!

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