Medium Glass Slipper Cinderella Costume


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  • Set Components: Includes boned crop top, garter panty, ribbon choker, and hair band
  • Fairy Tale Aura: Designed to make you feel as if you've stepped right out of a beloved storybook
  • Size: Medium (Dress Size 8-10)
  • Measurements: Bust: 36.5-37.5 inches (92.71-95.25 cm), Waist: 28-29 inches (71.12-73.66 cm), Hip: 38-39 inches (96.52-99.06 cm)
  • Occasions: Ideal for Halloween parties, themed events, or midnight fairy tale reenactments
  • Shimmer and Shine: Glitter accents combined with shimmer fabric make you sparkle and glow
  • Group Outfit: Perfect for teaming up with fellow princesses for group-themed adventures
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash using cold water, avoid bleach, let it drip dry and, please, no ironing!
  • Accessory Recommendations: Elevate the look with thigh highs; glass slippers are on you!
  • Material: Crafted for both comfort and charm, but mainly using durable and quality materials


Ever wondered what it feels like to be the heart of a fairy tale? To have birds chirping around you, sewing your dress, and making sure your eyeliner is on point? No? Well, neither have we. But what we do have is something that'll give you the vibes of the real deal - the Medium Glass Slipper Cinderella Costume by the renowned Leg Avenue. You're probably familiar with the classic Cinderella story. You know, glass slippers, pumpkin carriages, the whole shebang. But we present a modern take on it, minus the laborious housework and with 100% more sass. This costume isn't for a damsel in distress; it's for a dame ready to impress. From the boned crop top that screams confidence to the shimmer sheer skirt that whispers enchantment, every inch of this costume is designed to make you feel like the protagonist of your own story. And the best part? The clock striking midnight doesn't signal the end of your enchantment. With the resilient material and impeccable design, this costume is ready to dance the night away with you, with or without a prince. Speaking of which, the outfit doesn't come with glass slippers. A tad bit inconvenient, we agree, but on the bright side, it means you're not bound by some old lore. Go out, find your own perfect pair, and make them the talk of the town! And hey, if you've got a crew of princess pals, why not get together for the ultimate group ensemble? Elsa, Ariel, Mulan, Snow White - the possibilities are endless. Just think about the Instagram likes you'll garner with such an iconic group pic! However, before you embark on your royal journey, a word of advice - take care of this piece of art. A little hand wash here, some drip drying there, and it'll be good as new for all your fairy tale escapades. So, as you don your shimmering costume, remember: every Cinderella has her midnight, but with the Medium Glass Slipper Cinderella Costume by Leg Avenue, the magic lasts all night. Whether you're at a ballroom or a house party, one thing's for sure - the world's your kingdom, and you're here to reign.


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