Mini Penis Candles


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  • 5 pack of mini penis candles in multi-color
  • Made of velvety soft wax
  • Perfect for parties and other special occasions
  • Creates a unique and eye-catching centerpiece
  • Ideal for adult themed parties or gag gifts
  • Easy to light and extinguish when done burning


These Mini Penis Candles are the perfect addition to any adult themed party or as a gag gift! These velvety soft penis candles come in a 5 pack multi-color set that will make an eye-catching centerpiece at any event. A warning label is attached to each candle so you can be sure that everyone knows what they are lighting up! Get ready to have some fun with these Mini Penis Candles! If you're looking for something unique and fun for your next birthday party, then look no further than these Mini Penis Candles! They are sure to be a hit with all your guests as they make an eye-catching centerpiece on your table while adding some naughty humor into the mix! Just light them up around the cake or wherever else you'd like them placed and watch as everyone has a good laugh over these naughty little guys! And don't worry about having too much fun - each candle comes with its own warning label so everyone knows what they're getting into before they light it up! I recently got my hands on some Mini Penis Candles from Dirty Candles, and let me tell ya - I'm never going back to boring old regular candles again! These velvety soft penis shaped candles were such a hit at my last party - everyone was laughing their heads off when I lit 'em up around the cake! Plus, it's nice knowing that each one comes with its own warning label so no one gets too carried away with their fun - if ya know what I mean ;) All in all, I'd highly recommend these little guys if you're looking to add some naughty humor into your next celebration - trust me, it'll be worth it!


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