Mini Silicone Clitoral Pump


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  • Advanced design with pinpoint stimulation
  • Superior suction for increased sensitivity
  • Easy squeeze bulb with quick air release valve
  • Silicone (sleeve, hose, bulb), PC (cup), ABS (release valve)
  • Size 2 x 1 inches
  • Ideal for purse or luggage
  • Designed by women for women
  • Ergonomic size and easy to handle
  • Safe and sensitive enough for anywhere on your body
  • Perfect for solo or partner play


The Mini Silicone Clitoral Pump is the perfect little toy for women on the go. This compact pump offers superior suction and pinpoint stimulation, and it's made of safe silicone and ABS materials. Enjoy an intimate massage with this petite pleaser, designed by women for women. We've got the perfect little miniature toy for women who are always on the go. The Mini Silicone Clitoral Pump is ideal as a purse sized product that can be taken everywhere for a sensual, sexy and intimate massage. To be enjoyed alone or with a partner, this compact pump offers a seriously advanced design with pinpoint stimulation, superior suction and an easy-to-use squeeze bulb and release valve. Measuring just 2 inches by 1 inch in size and designed in a beautiful, fun and funky color, the arousal pump is a stylish feminine product at home or away. This petite pleaser has been designed for women by women. Every little detail has been considered to give you maximum pleasure and because it's perfectly sized, it can slip into your purse, purse, or luggage for easy and convenient travel. There's nothing like this on the market right now - made by our all-woman team of developers, it's the perfect compact toy to take or store anywhere. But the ergonomic size is just one small part of the pump's great features; it's easy to handle by yourself or a partner, it can be easily removed using the quick air release valve, and the pump's silicone and ABS makeup are safe and sensitive enough for anywhere on your body. Additionally, the superior suction action will help you increase sensitivity in your most intimate areas such as your clitoris or even your nipples, making the feminine pump the perfect little partner during foreplay. Don't be fooled by this sweet little miniature pump; it may be small but its mighty! It will give you an advanced sensual intimate massage that will leave you wanting more! The Mini Silicone Clitoral Pump is ideal when used during foreplay between partners as well as solo playtime! With its superior suction capabilities combined with its pinpoint stimulation design feature - you won't have to worry about missing out on any pleasure! Its ergonomic size allows you to easily maneuver around your most intimate areas while still providing maximum pleasure! Plus its silicone & ABS makeup make it safe & gentle enough to use anywhere on your body without worrying about any irritation! So don't let its mini size fool you - this powerful little device packs quite a punch when it comes to providing intense pleasure! If I had to pick one word to describe my experience with this Mini Silicone Clitoral would have to be WOWZA!! This tiny but mighty device packs some serious power when it comes to providing intense pleasure - from increased sensitivity thanks to its superior suction capabilities - to pinpoint stimulation that hits all those right spots - this thing is truly amazing!! And not only does it provide incredible sensations - but its ergonomic size makes it easy to maneuver around those tricky areas so no pleasure gets left behind! Plus - I love that its made of safe silicone & ABS materials so I don't have worry about any irritation when using this bad boy!! All in all - if you're looking for something small but powerful - then look no further than this Mini Silicone Clitoral Pump!

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