Mr Stud Love Doll


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  • Full color face
  • One love hole
  • Flexible 8 inch penis
  • Soft and supple phthalate free PVC
  • Easy to inflate with universal hand pump
  • Ideal for first time or experienced users
  • Compatible with quality lube for enhanced pleasure
  • Portable design for solo intimate pleasure anytime
  • Clean before and after use with toy cleaner spray or mild soapy water
  • Always ready to fulfill your most personal intimate desires


The Mr Stud Love Doll is the perfect way to explore your uninhibited sensual desires. This exotic inflatable lover is designed to satisfy your ultimate fantasies and has a full-color face that looks just like the real thing. It also features one love hole and an 8 inch flexible penis for a realistic and life-like encounter. The easy to inflate doll is made from soft and supple phthalate free PVC that feels just like the real thing. You can easily inflate it using a universal hand pump in no time at all. The tantalizing love hole is waiting for full penetration stimulation while its 8 inch penis will give you intense pleasure every time you use it. Whether you are a first time user or experienced in self-gratification pleasure, this doll is ideal for everyone who wants to experiment with their own intimate desires. It's fully portable design makes it perfect for taking on the go so you can enjoy hard and fast action whenever you're in the mood! Before and after every use make sure to clean the doll with a toy cleaner spray or mild soapy water so it's always ready when you need it. I recently purchased the Mr Stud Love Doll as I wanted something that would help me explore my uninhibited sensual desires without having to involve anyone else in my private moments of pleasure. After inflating him using the universal hand pump he was ready within minutes! His full-color face looks incredibly lifelike which really adds to the experience of using him as my personal playmate! His tantalizing love hole felt amazing when I used some quality lube on it - it was almost like having sex with a real person! His 8 inch penis provided intense stimulation each time I used him - he definitely knows how to please his partner! After each session I always make sure to clean him off with either toy cleaner spray or mild soapy water so he's always ready when I'm feeling naughty again! Oh man!! If ya'll haven't tried out this Mr Stud Love Doll yet then what are ya waitin' fer?! This dude is seriously life-like - especially his full color face - it's almost like havin' yer own personal stud right there in front of ya!! He's got one tantalizin' love hole that will take yer breath away when ya use some quality lube on it - trust me!! And his 8 inch penis? Well let's just say if yer lookin' fer some serious stimulation then this guy won't letcha down!! Plus he's super easy ta inflate usin' any universal hand pump which means he'll be ready ta rock n roll within minutes!! So if yer lookin' fer an unforgettable experience then getcha one of these bad boys today!


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