Neck to Wrist Restraints


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  • Vegan-friendly PU Leather
  • Large O-Rings for attachments
  • Buckled Up and Adjustable
  • Soft Inner Lining
  • Nickel-free Metal
  • Collar adjusts from 12.5-16.5 inches circumference
  • Cuffs adjust from 7.5-10 inches circumference
  • Back strap adjusts from 10.5-16.5 inches in length
  • Collar strap width: 1.5 inches | Cuffs strap width: 2.5 inches


Add some heat to your playtime with our Neck to Wrist Restraints! These cuffs are perfect for those who want to add a little bondage fun into their bedroom antics. The wide PU leather collar is gentle against the skin while the wrist cuffs let you tighten up the restraints as tight as you want. The Nickel-free metal O-rings are strong enough to handle all kinds of attachment points while also being a sleek addition that looks amazing alongside the classic black leather design. Our Neck to Wrist Restraints come equipped with a buckle closure that makes it easy to find just the right fit whether you're looking for comfort or restraint. The soft inner lining of our restraints is perfect for long play sessions where things can get intense quickly. You'll appreciate our use of vegan-friendly materials that make it easy to clean before or after each use. Once you're done revealing in the sensations of restraint, you can store them safely away in a cool and dark place for next time. Add some kinky fun to your love life by buckling up our Neck to Wrist Restraints. The cuffs keep your partner's hands away from their body while you tease and play with them. Remove them from circulation after an intense session using your favorite toy cleaner and see how happy they are when you tie them down again next time! These Neck to Wrist Restraints are better than my grandma's meatloaf! The vegan-friendly leather is so soft; it feels like a baby bunny gently nuzzling my skin. And let me tell you: those nickel-free metal O-rings make me feel like a villain about to take over the world! The adjustable straps let me tighten things up or loosen them as I see fit - just like the elastic on my sweatpants after Thanksgiving dinner. But that's where the similarities end because these restraints offer better support than any pair of pants ever could. Speaking of support, the Back Strap on this deal is adjustable too! That means I can bend over backward without worrying about straining anything important (except maybe my newfound appreciation for kinky playtime). Overall, these restraints are fantastic. They look great, they feel amazing, and they work like a charm. If only everything in life was as reliable as these Neck to Wrist cuffs - except for maybe grandma's meatloaf... that stuff is unbeatable.

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