Oculus Stainless Steel Anal Explorer


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  • Stainless steel
  • Round tips for easy insertion
  • 6 dilators expand from 1" to 4" in diameter
  • Center ring is large enough for fisting
  • Nickel-free
  • Insertable length: 2.9 inches
  • Dilators expand from 1 inch to 4.1 inches in diameter
  • Center ring inner diameter: 4.1 inches
  • Compatible with all lubricant types
  • Nonporous and easy to clean after use.


The Oculus Stainless Steel Anal Explorer is perfect for those into medical play who want to expand and stretch open their backdoor! Made out of strong, durable stainless steel that is non-porous and nickel-free, this anal explorer is compatible with all lubricant types. The Anal Explorer consists of one large ring with a diameter of 4.1 inches and 6 dilators that have smooth rods with small round balls on the ends of them. Insert it almost 3 inches deep and spread your hole wide open! The ring is wide enough for you to fit your fist through as well! Each dilator rod can be adjusted individually using the wingnuts to tighten or loosen the position on the screw so only the smooth steel will be pressing against the sensitive tissue of the anus while the spiraling screws are outside against the buttocks. To clean after use simply rinse with warm water and mild soap or boil it in water then spray it with isopropyl alcohol and wipe clean. Grab plenty of lube before you start exploring! Grab plenty of your favorite lube before you start exploring with your Oculus Stainless Steel Anal Explorer! Rub some lube onto each round ball end and rod before inserting inside your partner's anus while keeping the dilator prongs close together and not expanded. Once inside slowly adjust to widen and expand - do this slowly adding more lube as you get wider - until you reach their limit or can open it all up for fisting (make sure nails are trimmed first!). Listen to your partner throughout as they tell you when they've had enough or need more lube - remind them to breathe too! Have fun but always play safe! If there was ever an anal toy that could make me say "Hallelujah!", it's gotta be this Oculus Stainless Steel Anal Explorer thingy! It's like a miracle worker when it comes to opening up my back door - I mean literally opening up my back door like never before... just don't ask me how I know that ;) It's made outta strong stainless steel so I can trust that it won't break during use plus its nickel free which makes me feel extra safe. Plus its compatible with all kinds of lubricants so ya don't have ta worry bout anythin' else except havin' a good time ;) So if ya wanna try somethin' new n' exciting down there then give this bad boy a go n' let me know how ya like it!


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