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  • Kissable, water-based foreplay oil that gently warms on the skin
  • Use the included dropper to apply Kama Sutra Oil of Love to erogenous zones
  • Lightly blow on the area to experience a gentle warming sensation
  • Follow with kisses and enjoy the sweet flavor
  • Not a massage oil or lubricant
  • Size: 0.75 fl oz (22 ml)
  • Flavor: Tropical Mango - a sweet blend of tropical fruits with strong notes of mango and a hint of peach
  • Applicator Included


Kama Sutra's Oil Of Love Tropical Mango is an exciting water-based foreplay oil that will tantalize your senses. This kissable body oil is designed for couples looking for an intimate way to explore each other's bodies. The sensual aroma and taste will leave you wanting more. When applied directly onto the skin using the included dropper bottle, this oil will gently warm up with just a few breaths blown onto it. Enjoy exploring each other's bodies with this delicious treat as it adds an extra layer of pleasure during your intimate moments together. Not only does it provide a pleasant warmth but also has a sweet flavor that will make you want more. Unlike massage oils or lubricants, this product is not meant for penetration and should be used solely as an external foreplay aid. With its size at 0.75 fl oz (22 ml) and its tropical mango flavor made from natural ingredients such as coconut oil and aloe vera extract, you won't regret adding this item to your collection! Spice up your next romantic evening by applying Kama Sutra's Oil Of Love Tropical Mango onto your partner's body using the included dropper bottle. Start off by lightly blowing onto their erogenous zones for an exciting warming sensation before following up with some passionate kisses while enjoying its delicious taste. This product can be used anywhere from their neck down to their feet so get creative in exploring each other's bodies! Make sure not to use too much though as it may become too slippery for comfortable playtime activities afterwards.


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