PDX Elite Moto Milker


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  • Materials: ABS Plastic, TPE; Color: Sleek Black
  • Overall Length: 24.8 cm (9.76 inches); Width: 8.9 cm (3.5 inches)
  • Inner Diameter: 2.25 inches (5.7 cm); Penetrable Depth: 5 inches (12.7 cm)
  • Power Source: USB Rechargeable Lithium-Ion; Charger Type: USB C
  • Charge Time: 120 minutes; Run Time: 50 minutes
  • Thrusting Technology: 10 deep, intermittent thrusting modes
  • Customizable Power: 10 modes of vibration & 9 modes of thrusting
  • Ultra-Soft Sleeve: Caresses with powerful nubbies for mind-blowing stimulation
  • Care Instructions: Removable sleeve for easy cleaning; use antibacterial cleaner


If you think a latte machine is the only gadget that can make your morning better, you're in for a pleasant surprise. Introducing the PDX Elite Moto Milker, a marvel of modern mechanics designed for your solo pleasure. It's like having a personal barista, but instead of frothing milk, it focuses on something more... personal. This tech-savvy stroker isn't shy about what it offers. With 10 deep, pleasing thrusting modes, it's the toast of the town in the pleasure department. Imagine a gentle dance with a passionate partner who never gets tired. That's the Moto Milker's intermittent thrusting for you - and it's not even asking for a dance card. Let's talk customization. Are you a minimalist who prefers subtle sensations or a maximalist who enjoys a full symphony of pleasure? Either way, the Moto Milker has you covered with 10 vibration modes and 9 thrusting modes. It's like having a tailor who specializes in pleasure, always ready to suit your desires. Now, the ultra-soft sleeve. The sensation of the round nubbies wrapping around you is akin to a warm hug from an old friend, or perhaps a new one with boundary issues. Either way, the soft embrace combined with the automatic stroking will surely set your mind and body afloat in a sea of bliss. Worried about battery life? Don't be! With a quick charge time of 120 minutes and a run time of 50, the Moto Milker is always there for you. It's like a trusty pet, but without the fur and with more vibrations. The sleek black appearance adds a touch of class to your playtime, reminiscent of a luxury car but far less demanding in maintenance. Speaking of maintenance, cleaning is a breeze. The removable sleeve and a bit of antibacterial cleaner will have it ready for another round faster than you can say "Moto Milker." We must be responsible and include a gentle reminder. The Moto Milker is sold for novelty purposes only, and prolonged use may have some health risks. It's like a dessert; it's delightful but should be enjoyed in moderation. And please, gentlemen, it's for external use only, much like a necktie. Your purchase includes the thrusting stroker and a USB charging cord. It's a simple package with a complex range of sensations. Think of it as a two-course meal that leaves you utterly satisfied. In conclusion, the PDX Elite Moto Milker is more than a masturbation device; it's a concierge for your personal pleasure, ready to serve your every whim and mood. It doesn't take coffee orders, but it does offer a perfect storm of sensations that will surely start or end your day on a high note. So go ahead, indulge in a dance of pleasure, savor the embrace of the ultra-soft sleeve, and allow the Moto Milker to caress you into heights of delight. And remember, unlike a morning latte, the pleasure from the Moto Milker won't leave a stain on your shirt. Enjoy responsibly, and may your mornings never be mundane again.


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