Playboy Pleasure Petal


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  • Height: 6.5 inches (16.5 cm)
  • Depth: 1.78 inches (4.52 cm)
  • Width: 1.78 inches (4.52 cm)
  • Material: Body-safe Silicone, Phthalate and Latex-free
  • Vibration: 9 Vibration Speeds and Rhythms, 9 Tongue-Flicking Speeds and Rhythms
  • Waterproof and Submersible: Suitable for underwater use
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Rechargeable: USB Cable Included
  • Key Feature: Tongue-Flicking Rose Head with Vibrating Stem


Introducing the Playboy Pleasure Petal, a unique tongue-flicking rose vibrator designed to deliver the ultimate combination of intense vibrations and precise stimulation. Made of velvet-smooth silicone, this innovative toy features a flicking tongue within the rose head and a vibrating stem, promising unparalleled pleasure. Explore 9 speeds and patterns with the rose head and indulge in the bloom of sensation from the vibrating stem. The tongue-flicking and vibrating action together create a truly immersive experience, leading you to the peak of ecstasy. The Pleasure Petal is made from body-safe silicone, ensuring it's phthalate and latex-free, perfect for sensitive skin. Waterproof and submersible, this versatile vibrator invites you to enjoy aquatic adventures, adding a new dimension to your intimate moments. Backed by a five-year warranty, you can trust the quality and durability of this Playboy vibrator. Rechargeable with the included USB cable, you'll never have to worry about batteries interrupting your pleasure. For the best experience with your Playboy Pleasure Petal, use a water-based lubricant and let the flicking tongue and vibrating stem work their magic. Experiment with the various speeds and rhythms to find the perfect combination that sends you soaring into a world of bliss. The Playboy Pleasure Petal is a truly one-of-a-kind vibrator that will transform your pleasure experience like never before.


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