Rainbow Pecker Party Candles 5 Pack


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  • 2.5 Inches Long
  • Fun Rainbow Colors
  • Jasmine Scented
  • Perfect for Parties and Celebrations
  • Ideal for Decorating Cakes and Cupcakes
  • Easy to Use and Reusable
  • Non-Toxic Wax Material
  • Long Burning Time
  • High Quality Construction
  • Great Gift Idea for Any Occasion!


Bring the party to life with these Rainbow Pecker Party Candles! These fun pecker-shaped candles come in a pack of 5 and are 2.5 inches long. They feature vibrant rainbow colors that will add a pop of color to any celebration or event. The candles are made from non-toxic wax material that is easy to use and reusable. They have a long burning time so you can enjoy them all night long! The jasmine scent adds an extra touch of fun to the atmosphere. Perfect for parties, celebrations, decorating cakes and cupcakes - these candles make a great gift idea for any occasion! Make your next birthday bash unforgettable with these Rainbow Pecker Party Candles! Set them up around the room or on top of the cake for added decoration that will make your guests smile. Light them up when it's time to sing Happy Birthday and watch as they light up the room with their vibrant colors! Enjoy the sweet jasmine scent as you blow out each candle one by one - it's sure to be an unforgettable experience that everyone will love! These Rainbow Pecker Party Candles are totally rad! I mean how often do you get to light up a room full of peckers? Not very often I would guess - but now you can do it in style thanks to these awesome candles. The colors are so bright and cheerful - perfect for any kind of celebration or event. Plus they smell amazing too - like jasmine flowers in bloom! So if you're looking for something unique and special to add some extra pizzazz to your next gathering - look no further than these amazing Rainbow Pecker Party Candles!


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