Rose Gold Colored Spreader Bar with Black Cuffs


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  • Stylish rose gold colored spreader bar
  • Adjustable black faux leather cuffs
  • Intensifies stimulation by keeping legs or arms apart
  • Allows easy access to intimate body parts
  • Enhances couples' interactions and experiences
  • Weight: 1.40 lbs (0.63 kg)
  • Bar width: 0.50 inches (1.27 cm)
  • Bar length: 30.50 inches (77.47 cm)


Intensify your pleasure and explore new realms of sensation with the Rose Gold Colored Spreader Bar with Black Cuffs. This sensual and stylish accessory is designed to keep your partner's legs or arms apart, allowing easy access to their most intimate body parts. Whether you're a curious beginner or an experienced couple looking to spice things up, this spreader bar will take your encounters to new heights of excitement. The rose gold color adds a touch of elegance to your playtime, while the adjustable black faux leather cuffs provide comfort and security. The cuffs wrap around the ankles, ensuring a pleasurable spread of the legs and creating a captivating visual appeal. The bar is adjustable, allowing you to customize the level of spread to suit your desires and comfort. With the use of a spreader bar, you can intensify your stimulation and explore a variety of positions and scenarios. The open and vulnerable positioning of your partner's legs or arms adds an element of anticipation and excitement, making each touch and caress feel more sensational. The spreader bar not only enhances your physical interactions but also deepens the emotional connection and trust between partners. This versatile accessory is perfect for couples who want to experiment and push their boundaries. It invites you to explore new possibilities and unlock hidden desires. Let your imagination run wild as you use the spreader bar to create thrilling scenarios and indulge in intimate exploration. The Rose Gold Colored Spreader Bar with Black Cuffs is thoughtfully designed with both aesthetics and functionality in mind. The rose gold color exudes sophistication and style, making it a visually appealing addition to your collection. The adjustable black faux leather cuffs are not only comfortable but also durable, ensuring a secure and reliable hold during your playtime. To use the spreader bar, simply attach the cuffs to your partner's ankles, adjusting the fit to their comfort level. Gently secure the cuffs, making sure they are snug but not too tight. Once in place, the bar will keep their legs or arms spread apart, allowing you to explore and tease their most sensitive areas with ease. The adjustable design ensures a customizable experience, catering to your specific desires and preferences. Clean and care for your Rose Gold Colored Spreader Bar with Black Cuffs by wiping it with a damp cloth and mild soap. Store it in a dry and secure location, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures, to maintain its quality and longevity. Indulge in the pleasure and excitement that the Rose Gold Colored Spreader Bar with Black Cuffs brings to your intimate moments. Let it be a catalyst for exploration, trust, and unforgettable experiences with your partner. Open the door to new sensations and create memories that will last a lifetime. Discover the world of pleasure that awaits you with this alluring and enticing accessory. Please note: Communication, consent, and mutual respect are essential in any intimate activity. Ensure that both you and your partner are comfortable and consenting throughout your playtime. Always establish boundaries and use safe words if needed. Enjoy responsibly and embrace the journey of pleasure and connection.


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