Seduce Me Scarlet 3D Love Doll with Head


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  • Looks and Feels Real
  • Realistic SexFlesh Material
  • Dual Density for Added Realism
  • 3 Holes to Penetrate
  • Large Life Like Boobs
  • Ass with the Perfect Jiggle
  • Inner Tunnels Textured for Stimulation
  • Compatible with Water Based Lubes
  • Long Synthetic Hair
  • Tight Life Like Pussy
  • Hungry Little Butthole
  • Soft Lips, Loves Cock
  • No Gag Reflex
  • Measures 24 x 9 x 7 Inches Overall


Much better than an inflatable doll, allow me to introduce you to Scarlett. Seduce Me Scarlett is made from SexFlesh, a TPR - thermoplastic rubber, that is phthalate free and body safe, so no worries about your dick falling off. SexFlesh mimics the look and feel of real skin and this was made with dual density SexFlesh so it even uses firmer and softer versions of the material throughout the doll for incredible realism. Scarlett has three holes and no morals. Her mouth features nice full lips and her soft, textured throat has no gag reflex, so bury your shaft in her - you might even be able to squeeze a nut in her mouth. Her soft realistic pussy has life like labia and is also textured inside. Furthermore, her clit doesn't actually work, so don't bother nibbling on it for her sake. Last but not least is her hungry little butthole. She's never done anal before, so go slow. Just kidding, drive it home! As if three holes wasn't enough, she also has big life like titties, so be sure to lube them up and titty fuck a load on that beautiful face of hers. She has long beautiful black hair, so you can practice braiding while you spoon her afterward you sappy fuck. Stick with water based lubes, wash the jizz out with some mild soap and water. Once she's fully dried, a sprinkle of corn starch will keep her skin soft and fresh.

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