Spandex Open Mouth Hood


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  • Unisex
  • One size fits most
  • Shiny black fabric
  • Thin lightweight fabric
  • Allows just a hint of light in
  • Impairs vision while awakening other senses
  • Breathable and easy to hear through
  • Access to subject's mouth
  • Comfortable fit for extended wear
  • Easy to clean and maintain


The Spandex Open Mouth Hood is perfect for those looking for an exciting way to explore their BDSM fantasies. This comfortable hood is designed to stretch completely over the head, allowing just a hint of light in while impairing vision and awakening other senses. The shiny black hood can be worn by him or her, and the thin lightweight fabric makes breathing and hearing a snap. Best of all, you still have access to your subject's mouth! One size fits most so it's sure to provide a snug yet comfortable fit for extended wear. It's also easy to clean and maintain so you can enjoy it time after time. Whether you're looking for something new or want an upgrade from your current bondage gear, this hood is sure to please! The Spandex Open Mouth Hood is perfect for those looking to take their BDSM play up a notch. Whether you're engaging in solo play or with a partner, this hood will add an extra layer of excitement as it blocks out sight but not sound - meaning that communication remains open throughout your session. With its comfortable fit and breathable material, this hood allows you to explore your fantasies without feeling restricted or uncomfortable. Plus with its one-size-fits-most design, it's sure to provide hours of pleasure no matter who's wearing it!


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