Steel Slave Collar with Nipple Clamps


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  • Collar Internal Diameter: 4.79 inches (15.07 inch circumference)
  • Collar band is 0.85 inches wide and 0.26 inches thick
  • Nipple Clamp chains are 11 inches long


This Steel Slave Collar with Nipple Clamps is the perfect way to make sure your slave knows who is in charge. The collar is made of high-quality chrome steel and has an internal diameter of 4.79 inches (15.07 inch circumference) and a band that is 0.85 inches wide and 0.26 inches thick. Attached to the collar is a set of nipple clamps connected by matching chrome chains that are 11 inches long. The clamps are adjustable via a screw mechanism so you can go from creating a subtle pressure all the way to making them beg! The included hex key locks this collar down tight so they will feel nothing but cool steel around their throat until you are finished having your way. This Steel Slave Collar with Nipple Clamps is perfect for those looking to take their BDSM play to the next level. Put the collar on your slave and lock it down tight using the included hex key. Then adjust the nipple clamps to the desired level of pressure and let your slave know who is in charge. As they struggle against the collar and the clamps, they will be reminded of your dominance and submission. When you are finished, unlock the collar and let your slave go free.


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