The Power Rabbit Purple


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  • Weight: 0.42 lbs. (190.5 grams)
  • Length: 7.19 inches (18.26 cm), Diameter: 2.15 inches (5.46 cm)
  • Color: Pleasing Purple
  • Material: 100% body-safe silicone
  • Power: USB Rechargeable
  • Powerful Vibrating Motor: Independent in the shaft
  • Multiple Modes: 5 vibration intensities and 6 clitoral stimulation patterns
  • One-Touch Control: Easy operation with one hand
  • Splashproof: 100% shower-friendly (Do not submerge)
  • Warranty: Five-year limited warranty for peace of mind


Once in a while, a device comes along that shakes up our expectations. The Power Rabbit Purple doesn't just shake things up, it vibrates them, flutters them, and sends a rhythmic sensation that feels less like a device and more like poetry in motion. Picture this: You've got a long day behind you. The meetings were endless, the emails never stopped, and now you've got some precious "me time." Enter The Power Rabbit Purple, a device that's not just a gadget but a trustworthy companion for those solo explorations or adventurous couples play. Made from 100% body-safe silicone, The Power Rabbit is as gentle to your body as a cool breeze on a hot day. It's like the James Bond of toys - sleek, smooth, and always ready for action. But let's not stop at appearances. What really sets this rabbit apart is its powerful independent vibrating motor in the shaft. It's like having a skilled pianist playing a sonata, only this pianist is not playing a piano, and the sonata is you. With five stimulating vibration intensities, you can choose your adventure. Whether you want to go on a gentle stroll through the gardens of pleasure or an intense sprint on the highway of ecstasy, The Power Rabbit is your loyal guide. And then there are the six clitoral stimulation patterns. Each one designed to make you rethink everything you thought you knew about pleasure. Imagine six different chefs, each cooking your favorite meal. You taste each one, and they all taste perfect. That's what it feels like, except it's not food; it's joy. The Power Rabbit is also USB rechargeable. No more hunting for batteries or dealing with cords that tangle more than earbuds in a pocket. Just plug it in, charge it up, and you're good to go. It's like the eco-friendly hybrid car of the pleasure world, only much more fun to drive. Worried about taking your Power Rabbit into the shower? Fear not! It's 100% splashproof, making it your new shower buddy. Please note, it loves showers but is a bit shy about full baths. So no submerging, please. One-touch control means that you only need one hand to guide The Power Rabbit through its paces. It's like having a remote control for pleasure. Point, click, and let the good times roll. And as if that's not enough, all Rabbit Company items, including The Power Rabbit, come with a five-year limited warranty. That's half a decade of worry-free pleasure. In conclusion, The Power Rabbit Purple is more than just a toy; it's a lifestyle. It's a celebration of you, your body, and the endless potential for pleasure. Whether you're a seasoned explorer or new to the world of vibrators, The Power Rabbit is your fluffy-tailed guide to joy. So hop on, take a ride, and discover what it means to truly feel alive.

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