Titan Kiiroo Interactive Handheld Stroker


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  • Handheld stroker with touch-sensitive vibration technology
  • Enables long-distance control and synchronization
  • Compatible with interactive VR porn videos and webcam shows
  • Real-feel sleeve for intense masturbatory experience
  • 9 vibrating bullets for added stimulation
  • Plastic case with TPE sleeve inside
  • Replacement sleeves available for purchase separately
  • FeelConnect app for controlling and syncing with partner's devices
  • Connects to over 4,000 interactive videos on different platforms
  • Compatible with VR glasses for immersive experiences


Introducing Titan by Kiiroo, the handheld stroker that takes your pleasure to new heights with its touch-sensitive vibration technology. Designed to offer an interactive and immersive experience, Titan allows you to explore the world of pleasure in ways you've never imagined before. With Titan, you can indulge in long-distance control and synchronization, bringing you closer to your partner(s) no matter the distance. Feel every movement they make through the powerful vibrations on your device, enhancing the connection and intensifying your pleasure. Whether you're in the same room or miles apart, Titan bridges the gap and creates an intimate experience like no other. Not only does Titan offer long-distance pleasure, but it also opens doors to a world of interactive content. Connect to over 4,000 interactive videos on various platforms and immerse yourself in a range of different experiences. From 2D and VR porn videos to interactive webcam shows, Titan lets you explore your fantasies with ease. The case of Titan is made of durable plastic, ensuring a sturdy and reliable experience. Inside, you'll find a real-feel sleeve that heightens the sensations and mimics the feel of real skin. The 9 vibrating bullets strategically placed within the sleeve intensify your masturbatory experience, taking pleasure to new levels. For those looking to enhance their performance and stamina, replacement sleeves are available for purchase separately. The Power Sleeve is designed to increase strength and endurance in bed, while the Tight Fit Sleeve offers a narrow chamber for a realistic anal sex simulation. Choose the sleeve that suits your desires and elevate your experience to new heights. To unlock the full potential of Titan, download the FeelConnect app, available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store. This innovative app allows you to control and sync your Titan with your partner's devices, creating a seamless and synchronized pleasure session. Explore the different features of the app, including the ability to feel each other in real-time and connect with webcam models who sync their toys to webcam platforms. Immerse yourself in a world of interactive pleasure with Titan and experience the thrill of synchronized pleasure, whether it's through interactive videos, virtual reality experiences with VR glasses, or connecting with your partner(s) remotely. Let your imagination run wild and indulge in the ultimate pleasure journey. Please note that the FeelConnect app and interactive features are intended for consenting adults and should be used responsibly. Remember to clean your Titan after each use with toy cleaner or mild soap and water, and store it in a cool, dry place to ensure its longevity. Unlock the power of interactive pleasure with Titan by Kiiroo and embark on a journey that will redefine your understanding of pleasure and connection. Get ready to experience pleasure like never before and discover new realms of satisfaction with this innovative handheld stroker.

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