Unicorn Premium Sex Machine


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  • Powerful Vibrations: Unleash up to 1200 RPM of powerful, ultra-stimulating vibrations.
  • Swivel Rotation: Enjoy the 360-degree swivel rotation for the ultimate pleasure experience.
  • Bluetooth and Remote Control: Keep in control or share it with your partner using the LED remote or through the Bluetooth-enabled app.
  • Premium Attachments: Comes with two unique fantasy attachments, interchangeable and compatible with all Cowgirl attachments.
  • Reinforced Handles: For added comfort and stability during your adventurous rides.
  • Phone Not Included
  • Extended Power Cord: An 8-foot power cord with multi-region adapters for non-stop playtime.
  • High Weight Capacity: Built to withstand up to 400 lbs of weight, the Unicorn is suitable for both solo and couple's play.
  • Rainbow Tail Flogger: Pleasure or punishment? This 19.5" vegan leather flogger leaves that choice to you.
  • Ethereal Skies Floor Mat: An easy-to-clean, plush mat that absorbs vibrations and dampens noise.
  • Connectivity: Experience control like never before with the Cowgirl App and FeelConnect App compatibility.


Introducing the Unicorn Premium Sex Machine: Where fantasy meets reality. This not-so-ordinary pleasure machine is designed to unlock an infinite universe of sexual exploration. And who wouldn't want a ticket to that ride? Let's dive into the features that make this machine a must-have in your arsenal of adult toys. The Unicorn boasts of a breathtaking 1200 RPM ultra-powerful vibrations, which, combined with a 360-degree swivel rotation, can take you from zero to euphoria in a matter of seconds. But don't let these impressive figures overwhelm you. Thanks to the corded LED remote and the innovative Cowgirl app, controlling these beastly vibrations is as easy as riding a bike, only way more fun. This Special Edition Unicorn Premium Sex Machine is more than just a mechanical bull; it's a complete sensual experience, waiting to unfold. Its two fantasy attachments, cast in body-safe silicone, offer both penetrative and non-penetrative stimulation. They're easy to change and compatible with all Cowgirl attachments, allowing you to mix and match and keep things exciting. Safety during play is crucial, and with this in mind, the Unicorn is equipped with reinforced saddle-side handles. These offer a secure grip and easy mobility, so you can concentrate on the important task at hand: achieving pure, unadulterated pleasure. Another notable feature is the extended 8-foot power cord, complete with multi-region adapters. So whether you're trotting around your bedroom or across the globe, your ride will never lose power. Speaking of rides, the Unicorn is built for them all. With a weight capacity of 400 lbs, it's your perfect partner for solo or couple's rides. Also, the rainbow tail flogger can play both gentle and naughty, depending on your mood. Made from 100% vegan leather, it's proof that you can live out your kinkiest fantasies while being ethically conscious. Additionally, the Unicorn comes with an etherealskies floor mat that's not just easy to clean, but also liquid repellent and plush. This mat is designed to absorb the powerful vibrations from your sex machine, dampen the noise, and provide a comfortable surface for your playtime, ensuring a seamless pleasure experience. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the Unicorn is its connectivity. It's compatible with both the Cowgirl App and the FeelConnect App, unlocking a whole new realm of pleasure exploration. You can now engage in long-distance play, control the intensity of your machine by sound, and even enjoy video call capabilities. Imagine a scenario where your partner, situated across the globe, has full control of your Unicorn Premium Sex Machine. Their touch on their device becomes your pleasure at your end. It's like they're there with you, guiding your ride into euphoria. And with sound control, your moans of pleasure, the beat of your favorite sexy song, or even the sound of your pounding heart can decide the intensity of your ride. The video call functionality adds an extra layer of intimacy, letting you see your partner, adding a visual dimension to your pleasurable adventure. To top it all off, this impressive sex machine is compatible with the FeelConnect App. This offers a world of digital decadence, where you can connect with others seeking similar experiences. And remember, no need to worry about any assembly headaches. This machine arrives fully assembled, ready for you to hop on and embark on your pleasure journey. In conclusion, the Unicorn Premium Sex Machine promises more than just a good time; it offers a fully immersive, personalized pleasure experience, replete with tantalizing features and endless possibilities. Whether you're a seasoned pleasure seeker or a curious explorer, this machine will take your intimate moments to a whole new level. Saddle up for a ride into euphoria, with the Unicorn. It's not just a sex machine; it's the ultimate pleasure companion. Now, wouldn't you want to have a unicorn in your stable?

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