Whipsmart Heartbreaker 10-Piece Romance Set


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  • Heart-shaped pasties for playful adornment
  • Heart crop for gentle impact play
  • Shiny red mask to heighten the senses
  • Ball gag for adventurous communication
  • 5" silicone dildo for pleasurable sensations
  • Furry cuffs for comfortable restraint
  • Nipple clips for tantalizing stimulation
  • Red heart harness for secure attachment
  • Metal butt plug for exciting exploration
  • Hot wax candle for temperature play


Introducing the Whipsmart Heartbreaker 10-Piece Romance Set, a must-have addition to your intimate play. Perfect for beginners and more advanced explorers alike, this comprehensive set includes everything you need to bring more romance and excitement to your encounters with your lover. The Heartbreaker set features a romantic red heart theme that sets the stage for unforgettable moments. Express your passion and desire with heart-shaped pasties and a heart crop, perfect for gentle impact play. Heighten the senses with a shiny red mask and ball gag, adding an element of mystery and anticipation to your playtime. For pleasurable sensations, the set includes a 5" silicone dildo, perfect for internal stimulation. The furry cuffs allow for comfortable restraint, adding an extra layer of excitement to your encounters. Nipple clips provide tantalizing stimulation, while the red heart harness ensures a secure attachment for your pleasure accessories. Ready for a new adventure? The metal butt plug included in the set offers an exciting opportunity to explore the world of anal play. Finally, the hot wax candle allows for temperature play, introducing a new dimension of sensation to your intimate moments. With the Whipsmart Heartbreaker 10-Piece Romance Set, you'll have everything you need to explore new realms of pleasure with your lover. Embrace your adventurous side and dive into a world of passion and excitement with this comprehensive kit designed to bring more romance, fun, and connection to your intimate experiences.


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