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15 Items Every Straight Single Guy Should Own


You're single, whether by choice or not, you still want sex. Do it right and you'll get more from repeat customers or word of mouth. Here are 15 items every straight single guy should own to make every sexual encounter the best it can be.

    Nuru Massage
  1. Nuru

    This Japanese full body massage is hot right now! The technique utilizes copious amounts of Nuru massage lubricant that is very slick and thick. You'll want a rubber sheet, or an inflatable Nuru mattress because it can be messy, and that's the point. When the two of you are completely naked and covered in the Nuru massage lube you'll be slipping and sliding all over each other, and it feels fantastic!

  2. Clitoral Stimualators
  3. Clitoral Stimulator

    Some chicks have a hard time reaching orgasm when they don't know you well or they're nervous. You can try every trick known to man and sometimes that's just not enough. This is where a clitoral stimulator comes in handy. They are small and powerful - plus they get the job done. Be sure to choose one that is waterproof and easy to clean.

  4. Butt Plugs
  5. Butt Plug

    When it comes to anal stimulation, some girls are shy initially, especially if it is a one night stand. That's not the case with all of them, some chicks are open for anything and you better be prepared to show you are willing and able to meet her freakiest needs. Choose one made from silicone so you can sterilize it when she's gone, and stick with something on the small side, if she wants something bigger you can improvise.

  6. Anal Beads
  7. Anal Beads

    If she is open to any kind of anal stimulation, anal beads are an excellent tool. Stick to the one piece silicone styles as they are the most hygienic and body safe. Use a good anal lubricant and feed them in nice and slow. Wait until she is cumming to slowly pull them back out and watch her light up like a fat kid in Dairy Queen.

  8. Lubricants
  9. Lubricants

    There are several different kinds of lubricants, you just need three, water based, silicone based, and anal lube. A good water based lubricant is key for vaginal sex when she is not quite as wet as she needs to be. Don't make her feel bad, just slap some on your dick and get back in the game. Silicone based lubes do not wash off with water and are perfect for sex in hot tubs or swimming pools. Don't confuse silicone with oil, Oil based lubricants are not vagina friendly, silicone is. Anal lubricant has a higher viscosity than regular lube making the anus easier to penetrate and more comfortable for her. If you choose one with a numbing agent wear a condom or your dick will go numb.

  10. Cock Ring
  11. Cock Ring

    Cock rings are great for several reasons. They help maintain firmer erections by restricting blood flow out of the penis, help prevent premature ejaculation by preventing the testicles from ascending, and some have ticklers or vibrators for clitoral stimulation. Cock rings are especially useful on your second, third go around as it can get increasingly difficult to maintain a firm erection.

  12. Rabbit Vibrator
  13. Rabbit Vibrator

    Ok, so you've cum three times already, your dick looks like it was in a blender and she still wants more, bust out the rabbit! Typical rabbit vibrators feature a phallic shaped shaft for internal stimulation that vibrates and rotates (you wish your dick moved like that), and a clitoral stimulator extending off the main shaft with rabbit ears to flicker and flutter around the clitoris. The combination of the two are enough to melt any woman. Just slather some water based lube on the rabbit, slide it in and watch the show.

  14. Restraints
  15. Restraints

    Save yourself an embarrassing chat with the cops and discuss the idea of tying each other up before you just start strapping them to the headboard. Stick to something that does not look intimidating like furry cuffs or some light weight velcro ones. My safe word is ouch.

  16. Vibrating Nipple Clamps
  17. Vibrating Nipple Clamps

    We all know nipples are an important erogenous zone, but sometimes you need more hands. Vibrating nipple clamps make sure her nipples are getting all the attention they need while you focus on her other goodies.

  18. Eye Mask
  19. Eye Mask

    Sensory deprecation is a very powerful tool. When we take away someone's ability to see, it causes all their other senses to become more aware. With senses heightened you can tease and titillate her on a new level.

  20. Massage Oil Candle
  21. Massage Oil Candle

    Chicks love candles, and lighting one up makes her feel all tingly inside so for that reason alone candles are a great idea, but a massage candle takes it to a whole new level. As a massage candle burns, they leave a pool of warm massage oil on top. A normal candle would have hot wax pooling on top, and touching it would burn, but a massage candle is much cooler and doesn't burn.

  22. Suggestive Game
  23. Suggestive Game

    Want to get to know her a little? Or maybe you need an ice breaker to get things moving in the right direction? Many adult games are perfect for this. Suggestive questions or challenges that are fun and flirty, that is just the ticket.

  24. Porn
  25. Porn

    Lots of women love porn, just not too many want to watch your anal gangbang movies. Stick to some of the new couples films that have a little story line or short montages. You might have to suffer through the boring parts, but she'll appreciate it. Also check out some of the great how-to movies on things like erotic massage or sexual positions, they can be fun to follow along with.

  26. Condoms
  27. Condom

    Two things I never fuck with, rattle snakes and condoms . Gandhi. Seriously, you know about condoms and I'm not one to preach, but check out some of the great new condoms that help to stimulate both partners like the Trojan Fire and Ice that feature a warming and cooling sensation for both partners that is the closest thing to eating a York Peppermint Patty in your pants.

  28. Sex Swing
  29. Sex Swing

    I saved the best for last. Sex swings allow you to spin around and get into positions that are nearly impossible without a spaceship. Easy to install, and they are easily removed and hidden away. Everyone wants to try the sex swing.