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How to use a Sex Swing


Samantha uses it in Sex and the city. Pamela Anderson has one in her house. They know their sex toys.

What is a Sex Swing?

  • Alias: Love Swing

love swingSex swing is a actually a harness that lets you experiment with sex positions. Some even call it sex furniture. Probably there are hundreds of positions you would like to try but feel they might a bit to difficult. You can just forget about these problems and buy a love swing. If you have back problems or are just not as limber as when you were younger, Love Swing can be a big help. Overweight people find it a great help. When trying new positions in bed you can feel awkward and use most of your energy adjusting your body or holding your partner in place. With a sex swing you can spend more time enjoying the sensations and satisfying your partner. There is a bunch of stuff I always wanted to try but thought I needed to be a pro athlete or figure out how to defy gravity to actually do it. With love swing gravitation is no longer an issue.

Sex Swing Positions

With a Love Swing the only limit is your imagination. Most people thin it’s just great for vaginal sex but there are numerous positions you can try if you are performing anal or oral sex.

  • Lots of Sex Swings use springs – faster and deeper penetration with less effort
  • You don’t need your hands to keep your body in position – they are free to stimulate your partner or yourself
  • You can try face down positions – great for doggy style or anal
  • If you are really daring you can swing your partner 360
  • Try numerous different angles.
  • Amazing possibilities for oral 69 position
  • You can try many different positions and let you imagination fly.

Where to install the Love Swing?

You can drill a hole in the celling but of course that is not always an option. That is why you have different types of swings you can use, like the door swing or body swing. If you want to use a classic Sex Swing but don’t want to mount it on a celling, get a sex swing stand. I strongly recommend it as it saved me a lot of time and worries.

Love swing has been one of my favourite things to use for years. It’s one of those things you can’t get enough of. If I had to pick between a new couch and a Love Swing I would pick the Swing any-time.

Buy Sex Swings Online

buy sex swingsYou can buy your sex swing or a sex swing stand online. offers the largest selection of sex swings at incredible prices. You cant get prices like these in your local sex stores. Anything from a body swing to a sex swing stand. Spice up your sex life with a cool Love Swing.

Price: Love Swings from $35.20

buy sex swings

Door Swing

door sex swingThis easy to use, fully adjustable harness uses any door to provide easy access to your partners` most intimate areas. The swing requires no assembly, supports up to 200 pounds, and uses the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to provide an anti-gravity sex experience.

Price: $39.92

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3 Responses to this article

andi July 16, 2010 Reply

Hot damn!! I would love to try one of them!

marcs August 3, 2010 Reply

The only problem i would have is parents visiting me. “What this on your ceiling, son”. “It’s a sex swing mount, dad”.

So i guess i would go with the stand although it’s a bit pricier.

Fred September 7, 2010 Reply

Hang a flower pot from it in the interim . . or maybe a metal art sculpture. You could install a metal brace in the attic that a long, thick screw eye could screw into and easily out of . .