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Anal sex: health and hygiene


Many people, women especially, are hesitant to try anal sex for two reasons - because they are afraid they will get hurt and/or are scared it might get messy.

While you have to think about health as well as hygiene before and during anal play, all inconveniences can be avoided if you take all the necessary measures and precautions.


A lot of people think that practicing anal sex will result in inability to retain excreta or in tearing of the rectum. But this is absolutely not so if you follow some simple rules.

Anus is not self-lubricating like a vagina, so you have to use lots and lots of lubricant. Preferably use anal lube that is especially designed for anal sex . it is thicker and doesn.t need to be reapplied as much.

We strongly advise you not to use any type of oil based lubricant in anal play, because it can't be used with condoms, because it can corrode latex and they cause various types of infections (yeast infection, bacterial infection ect)

  • Go slowly

So, especially if it is your first time trying anal sex, you have to go slowly. You partner can start by inserting fingers or you can try with anal sex toys. This is how you avoid any type of injuries that would put an abrupt stop to your bedroom activities.

  • Relax

One of the golden rules of anal play is: relaxation. The muscles surrounding the rectum must be completely relaxed before you can insert anything into it.

Many women can.t relax, because they are afraid it will hurt or they will get injured. Don.t worry, if you go gradually it won.t hurt and you absolutely will not end up in the emergency room.

  • Sexually transmitted diseases

Anal sex is still sex, and you should use condoms while practicing it. The only thing you can.t get is a baby. All of the known sexual diseases can be transmitted through anal sexual practices, so use protection.


Hygiene is also a concern when it comes to anal sex. This is a part of anal joys that nobody really wants to discuss. But we really should.

  • Good bowel movement

It is ideal to have bowel movement a few hours before the anal intercourse, this will clean most of the anus and will prevent coming across anything unpleasant.

  • Clean the anus

Right before the intercourse you can clean the anus with hot water and soap.

Enema is basically a splash of water up your anus that cleans and flushes the area. Enema is much more thorough that any other type of cleaning. This is not for everyone, but some people like it.

enema anal

  • Bacteria

Even if you carefully cleaned it, the anal area is full of bacteria. We can.t stress enough how important it is that you don.t insert anything that has been in contact with the anus anywhere else. This may cause serious and severe infections.