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The Wonders of Prostate Stimulation


Men say that orgasm achieved by prostate stimulation is one of the best feelings imaginable. There are a lot of men and couples already practicing this kind of stimulation.

What and where is the prostate?

Prostate is a male gland that produces seminal fluid. It is positioned in the rectum near the root of the penis, below the bladder. It is a size of a chestnut. Beside of its primary function it I also a sexual organ and a source of many intense sexual pleasures.

An orgasm reached by stimulation of the prostate is quite different . the seminal fluid flows out rather than being squirted as with the normal orgasm.

Ways of stimulation

The prostate is only accessible through the anus. It can be stimulated in two ways:

a) Fingers

The easiest way to reach the prostate is with fingers. You can do this yourself or your partner can do it.

You should start by applying lubricant and gently massaging the anal area. After you enter the anus the prostate will be just a few centimeters up. You can start by gently massaging it. It is full of nerve endings so make sure you don.t press too hard and cause discomfort. After a while you will feel a need to pee, but don.t worry it is just a sensation and it will pass. Once you are totally relaxed you will be able to reach an explosive orgasm.

b) Prostate stimulators

For those who have already tried stimulating their prostate with fingers and find it enjoyable, prostate stimulators are the next step. Your fingers are usually an inch or two too short to get the job done properly, so using a stimulator is even more effective.

A prostate stimulator is a sex toy especially designed to reach and massage the prostate. It can be used for anal masturbation or in an intercourse. There are various different kinds of prostate massagers, from very basic to vibrating ones. People find them easy to use and extremely enjoyable. Besides prostate stimulators you can also use other anal sex toys, such as anal butt plugs, that can bring you endless joys.


What many men are not aware of is that prostate stimulation is enjoyable as well as healthy. Stimulation of the prostate is often used for medical purposes, to help with prostate dysfunctions. Researches have shown that men who enjoy prostate ejaculations on regular basis in their twenties are less prone to prostate disorders later in life.

What to be careful about

  • the person who is stimulating the prostate has to have his/her fingernails trimmed to avoid any type of injury of this delicate area.
  • make sure not to apply too much pressure, because it can be uncomfortable and you could cause the prostate to get inflamed.
  • people who suffer any kind of prostate dysfunction should always consult their doctor before engaging in any type of prostate stimulation.