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Best Electro Sex Toys


The sensation you feel with electro sex can.t be compared to any other. But if you choose the right sex toy, you can intensify this feeling and experience a mind-blowing adventure.


estim probe

A probe is a wonderful little device that is great for those who are just beginning with electro sex. It is not invasive, but still provides you with a full EStim experience. It is small, so you can use it anally or vaginally.

They come in different shapes . from capsule to bulb shaped. While they are all designed to bring you nothing but joy, we would recommend you get a flared end one, just to prevent the probe from slipping inside.


electro sex dildo

Electro sex dildo is nothing like your regular or vibrating dildo. It gives you a completely different, amazing feeling.

You can get EStim dildos in different shapes and size – from a dagger to an oval dildo. A dagger dildo is always a popular choice, because it is perfect for anal or vaginal play.

Anal Butt Plugs

estim anal plug

EStim anal butt plugs are among the most sought after electrosex toys. Because the anal area is surrounded by countless nerve endings, anal plugs offer you an extremely intense sexual experience.

This toy is for those a little more experienced in EStim, but once you’ve tried it, you won’t want to go back. There is only one rule, as with any anal sex or electrosex toy: use plenty of lube!

Cock rings

Electrosex rings are great, because they can give a man a very intense sensation that he couldn.t get any other way.

Bipolar cock rings are especially interesting in this respect. With bipolar sex toys you need two electrodes for the current to pass through the body, so there are two rings you can place on different parts of your penis and you will feel the sensation throughout and not just in one place.