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EStim Beginnings


Don't be afraid of electrosex. Once you try it you can never get enough.

How Does EStim Feel Like?

People are often afraid to try EStim or electro stimulation, because they think it will feel like sticking your finger into a socket. But it is nothing like that. It is more like a tingling, pulsing sensation and it really doesn.t hurt unless you want it to. But the feeling is still very different from that caused by a vibrating toy . it is deeper and more intense.

3 Steps to Get Started

1. Power box

First you have to get an electosex unit or a power box. This will be probably the most expensive part of your estim equipment. You will find that even the starter.s unit can suffice for quite a while. Repackaged TENS and EMS units (otherwise used for medical purposes) are also sold as sex supplies, but we recommend you purchase a proper EStim power unit. It may cost you a few more buck, but in the end it.ll be worth it.

2. Electrodes

Electrodes can be very different from the very basic pads to dildos, probes and butt plugs. We suggest that you first make use of the pads. They usually come with the power unit, but even if they don.t they are the cheapest of the toys and relatively simple to use. You just place them on the erogenous zones on you body, turn on the unit and enjoy.

3. Lubrication

So, you need to use lubricants, as with any other sex toy. If you don.t use lubrication you can burn or damage your skin. Water based lubricant is the best choice, because water is an excellent electricity conductor.

Perks of Electro Stimulation . Multiple Orgasms!

The main reason people love electro stimulation is that it gives them a chance to reach multiple orgasms . and not just for women, for men as well. While this might not happen right away in time you and your partner will be able to reach better and more frequent climaxes.