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FAQ about Safe ElectroSex


Safety is usually a major concern when it comes to electro sex. So, this blog will shed some light on the dos and don.ts of electro sex.

1. How Much Electricity Will Run Through My Body?

Power boxes used for electro sex usually run on 9 Volts batteries. This is a safe amount of electricity that isn.t dangerous for your body.

2. What Kind Of Source Can I Use?

Never use home-made devices, always buy a device that is designed especially for electro sex. This is the only way you can ensure safe electro stimulation.

3. How Should I Use My Electrodes?

The golden rule of electro sex is: no use above waist. Make sure you don.t place the electrodes so that the current would run through your heart, because it can cause heart arithmias or even cardiac arrest.

4. What About Electrodes For The Nipples?

They are considered very controversial. We definitely advise against monopolar nipple electrodes, because when you place each on one breast the current will pass through your heart.

If you find the idea of nipple electrodes irresistible, you could try with bipolar electrodes, where the current stays in one place, reducing the danger.

5. How Long Can My Sessions Last?

Try limiting your sessions to 30 minutes at the most. Longer sessions can cause a harmless but unpleasant .tingling sensation. that can last up to 24 hours.

6. Can My Skin Get Burned or Irritated?

Generally no, if you follow the instructions and use a lot of lubricant. But those who have very sensitive skin may feel some irritation.

7. Who Shouldn.t Practice Electro Sex?

  • people with a heart condition
  • people who suffer from epilepsy
  • anyone with a history of strokes or seizures
  • people that have implanted electronic devices, such as pacemakers or pumps
  • pregnant women