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Get Your Man a Sex Toy


Sex toys are not just for women. Top three sex toys for men.

Men like to buy sex toys for women. What about the other way around? Have you ever bought your man a sex toy? Probably not. People seem to think that sex toys are made only for women. I tend to disagree. There are actually many fantastic toys available for men and lots of others you can use together.

So, I decided to make a short list. Here are my top three choices:

3. Masturbator

You are away on a business trip or out with your friends and your man gets a little lonely. Get him a masturbator, he will love it. Masturbators can have the look and feel of the real thing.

2. Cock ring

cock ring
Cock rings can be fun for both of you. They make the erection stronger and your man last longer. Vibrating cock rings will also stimulate your clit and man’s balls. Cock ring is a small sex toy made for big pleasure.

1. Prostate stimulator

prostate massager
We have our G Spot and men have their P Spot. He can use it alone or better yet you can use prostate massagers together. Men can reach incredible orgasms just by massaging and stimulating the prostate gland.