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Is Electrosex dangerous?


E-stim Sex Toys: Like having sex with a ghost.

Electrosex has been taboo for way to long. It also sounds very dangerous. But is it? Only if you don’t follow instructions and use the right equipment.

Why Electrosex?

Electrosex and E-stim toys don’t just look cool. They can offer incredible orgasms to men and women. You probably know most men normally can’t reach multiple orgasms. With E-stim toys they can. Women say that using E-stim toys is like having sex with a ghost.

Electrosex DON’Ts

  • DON’T get the current near your heart – it can be really dangerous to do that. Never use electrosex toys if you have a heart condition or use a pacemaker.
  • DON’T use home made devices. There are lots of devices made especially for electrosex. Saving $10 and using home-made devices isn’t worth the risk. When there weren’t so many different E-stim accessories available people used stereo equipment and other electronic devices. With an array of cool prodactus that is not only unnecessary but just plain stupid.
  • DON’T connect two people to one device. Many reasons why that is not smart. You can accidentally send current through the heart area.
  • DON’T stimulate irritated skin.
  • DON’T use E-stim toys on your head or for nipple play (to close to the heart).

Electrosex DOs

  • Always DO use proper lubrication. Water based lubricants are great choice.
  • DO use devices made for the human body.
  • DO start slowly. You can start with low intensity of stimulation and work your way up.

Read the instructions

I listed some basic guidelines for E-stim sex toy use. You should always read the toy manuals and find more information about electrosex stimulation and other guides in order to use E-stim toys safely.