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Kegel Exercises: Best Toys To Get You In Shape


Kegel exercises are meant to keep your pelvic floor muscles tight.

Women usually start working on their pelvic floor muscles during their pregnancy and after they have given birth. But it’s actually never too early to start getting them nice and strong for two reasons.

Why should my pelvic floor muscles be toned?

  • You.ll have fewer problems during your pregnancy and childbirth
  • It.ll be easier to get them back to where you want them after giving birth
  • They play a major role in your sex life, and when strong and firm the sex is so much better . for you and your partner!

The exercises are rather simple and we have some tools to make the experience effortless and fun!

1) The Vaginal Balls or K-balls:

Vaginal balls are the most common and easy to use tool for your kegel exercises. They consist of to balls that are connected to each other and have a holder, so you can easily pull them out wherever you want. usually made of silicone or plastic, sometimes even steel. They can differ in weight depending on the material made of. You should start with the most basic model and then work your way up to the more weighty ones. very simple to use: you simply insert them and use your muscles to prevent them from slipping out. It.s perhaps best that you apply some lubricant before using them. And they are not only meant to strengthen your muscles, they can also bring you to a climax . literally anywhere and anytime.

pink kegel balls with heart

You can wear them as long as you like, and the best part is that you can go anywhere with them!

For a really intense exercise of your pelvic floor muscles play a tug of war with the balls, meaning pull them out a little with your hand and then use your muscles to get them back in.

2) Other Kegel Exercisers

  • EGGS: they are very similar to vaginal balls, but are usually heavier. There is only one downfall to this toy . it might be a bit of a challenge to get them out, because they don.t have a holder.
  • BARBELL: this is another great kegel exerciser. It looks a little like anal beads. It is of course not as big, although just as enjoyable. It can be made of different materials from silicone to stainless steel.
  • PUMPS: vaginal pumps have a cylinder tube that is pressed against your genital area. The pump works your vaginal muscles, but make sure you start nice and slowly, because otherwise it might hurt.