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Solar Power Bullet Review


The new Solar Powered Bullet Vibrator. Powerful vibrations, no batteries!

Solar Powered Bullet Sex ToyI must admit, when California Exotics sent us the new Solar Powered Bullet I was skeptical. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for saving the environment but a solar powered vibrating bullet? The thought conjures up visions of me out in the yard, legs in the air screaming for more sunshine. Call me old fashioned, but I am used to high powered vibrators fueled with big powerful batteries or plugged into a wall outlet serviced by our nuclear power plant.

What a pleasant surprise! This little bullet vibrator is about as powerful as anything battery powered and charges with very little light. It even charges with normal incandescent and fluorescent (yes I tried it in my kitchen!) lighting. It has a little blue LED indicator light on the side of the solar controller that lights up when it is charging. The more light you feed it, the brighter the indicator shines. It stores enough energy for about 60 minutes of play after an 8 hour charge, but if the room is lit it just keeps charging. Over the last two weeks I have used it a lot. I leave the solar controller on my night stand and it charges continuously and the bullet unplugs – I stick that in my drawer so the cleaning girl doesn’t have to dance around it.

Build quality is very good. The bullet has a white LED light on the tip that makes night time exploration fun for my boyfriend. The bullet has a long power cord (about 2 feet) attached to it that plugs into the solar controller. The solar controller has a sliding switch to increase/decrease vibrating intensity and is about the size of 8 credit cards stacked together.

Noise level is not too bad. Louder than my iphone’s vibrate mode but then again the bullet is much more powerful than my iphone – I stopped masturbating with the iphone after accidentally dialing my mom at my most vocal moment! Awkward!

In conclusion, the Solar Bullet rocks! Never buy batteries again and save the environment one orgasm at a time!

Solar Bullet Features

  • 2.25″ x .6″ Vibrating Bullet with Light Up Tip
  • Extra Long Power Cord
  • Solar Powered Controller – No Batteries
  • Multi-Speed Slide Controls
  • LED Charging Indicator Light