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The Elusive G-spot


G-spot is a very well hidden erogenous zone. So well hidden in fact that for quite some time people were certain it didn't exist. So we're here to unveil its secrets.

Today it is mainly agreed upon that G-spot exists, but it wasn’t always so. When Ernst Grafenberg, after whom this erogenous zone was named, discovered that female uterus has a major role in women’s sexuality, the idea didn’t receive a warm welcome.

What and where is it?

It is actually a gland that is in medical circles referred to as Skene’s gland. It has a lot of nerves surrounding it which is why it is very sensitive and easily aroused.

It is located three inches up in the vaginal wall and is actually an extension of the clitoris.

It is often referred to as the female prostate. In fact the prostate gland and Skene’s gland have some similarities including the ability to bring you to amazing highs when stimulated.

What happens when you stimulate it?

When applying pressure to the G-spot you will definitely feel aroused. When you stimulate it for a while you will surely have an orgasm and possibly also an ejaculation will occur.

What is the ejaculated fluid?

While it is often thought to be urine, it is in fact not. The fluid comes from the Skene’s gland and is somewhat similar to male ejaculation fluid.

Best ways to stimulate the G-spot


Fingers are a good way to start and locate your G-spot. You can do it yourself or a partner can lend you a hand. You will find it two inches inside your vagina if you press against your belly, just behind the pubic bone.

These sex toys are very little and shaped so that they best reach the G-spot. Just insert the stimulator and find out what type of motion and speed suits you best.

G Spot Vibrator


Once you have located your G-spot with the help of fingers and/or toys, it’s time to try it during sex. It might take a little while and a few different positions to get it right, but once you do it’ll be unforgettable.